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On my dialed in key, i weighed another shot and it flowed as a gusher. Thinking i had screwed up my prep, i weighed another shot and same thing,.. I had to reset the calibration, after which everything was fine. This was the second time that happened over the last 3 weeks.

Is there some aspect of the burrs that can be compromised/moved if the unit freezes/siezes? Its done that a few times. Just seems kinda wonky... and if there is something that needs tightening, cleaning, adjusting... whatever

looking for anyone's experience.


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You may want to try re-tightening the burr release screw on the bottom. I've found if my grind setting wanders, it's because that one screw has become loose.

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Thanx! Worth a try

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just closing out this thread...

the burr release screw was in fact loose... i figured that out when i had what i thought were dosing issues, and decided to pop the funnel and actually check the screw... (ya i didn't do that until today, since my 'issues' had appeared to subsided...)

once i tightened the screw... i had to re-zero and re-dial in the grinder... we'll see if what i had been attributing to poor and random dosing issues subsides...

@epicurious, thanx for the original suggestion...

at this point i'm wondering if there is a torque suggestion for that cap screw...

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They come with lock washers now, IIRC.

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