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Grinders are one of the keys to exceptional espresso. Discuss them here.

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100% agree on customer service. Throughout my ownership Douglas has been accessible and great. Raymond is a star, no detail is missed and he does that brilliant technique of going over and above to delight the customer. Great team at WW


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let me second and third the shout outs for Weber customer service. Also, Oz espresso repair is fantastic. Anyone living in the bay area should rest assured knowing that OZ espresso is here and a really fantastic shop working on just about everything (except super automatics)


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I've gotten much less picky with espresso... one of the features of the KEY is the burrs are easy to access and clean but with low retention.. I actually never open it up to clean it, or I've done it like once in a year. Does anyone else just leave it and not open it up to clean? Is there a good reason for me to open it up to clean? I really don't mind if 0.1g of retention from the last beans goes into the new beans I'm grinding...


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I tend to do deeper clean once a year, too. Since its burrs are pretty much fully accessible from both top and bottom a quick wipe with the mini brush is all I do from time to time. I used to have bean feeder but removed it since it's been more pain than an advantage in my case.


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Ahmad H. wrote:I dont like the magic tumbler and experienced the same thing with it.

i switched to the blind shaker and funnel attachment and the results were so much better and consistent.
I just took the magic tumbler off and tightened every screw on this thing. Results were much better! Thanks for the idea.

Ahmad H.

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I have this slight wobble looking at the burr from the bottom, is this ok and sounds normal? This is at a very fine setting.

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Ahmad H. wrote:I have this slight wobble looking at the burr from the bottom, is this ok and sounds normal? This is at a very fine setting.

Just looks like the washer is not centered.
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Ahmad H.

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Take a look at the end he of the inner burr and notice is moves left and right ever so slightly.


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My Key adjustment seems to move causing the grind to coarsen over time even with the same adjustment point. I only discovered it by trying to figure out how many degrees back from the blades touching it was set to and it had increased. Is this common ?

The only other odd event was the ring once wasn't quite seated while the grind started and it kicked up the ring and then tightened down so far I could barely turn it back. I saw someone post here that they needed a strap wrench to loosen it. I recovered from that and was fine for a while till the problem above.

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It sounds like the bolt may have come loose at some point, check to see that it's tight.

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