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Moved my question to its own thread.
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yakster wrote:BTW, I moved the numbers around so that the zero mark was at my normal espresso grind so it was easy to put back.
I've been hesitant to do that (I could get to 0.2, not 0, since I am 3.2) because I don't want to get past 0 if I need to adjust my grind finer (for no other reasons . AFAICT there is no way to move the numbers by less than 3 at a time because there are only 5 notches in the collar (and 15 / 5 = 3). It's slightly annoying... (So is the 5 micron adjustment which is ~ +/3 seconds for my espresso, though I can adjust dose in between steps.)
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You could always adjust the speed to help dial in, though I don't do this.

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I haven't seen any documentation that each incremental adjustment is 5 microns. Where is that found? Also, I've read on the thread each notch is +- 3 seconds. How is that determined?
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If I remember correctly when Weber first introduced the Key, they said that it was stepped in 5 micron adjustments. This follows their design for the EG-1 and HG series.

Based on my experience using my Key and EG-1, I would agree that it's approximately 3 seconds between each step. I determine it when I dial in a new batch of beans.
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Here's the link to the 5 micron adjustment, along with a nearly identical discussion following it. :P

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This is how I received my Key. They say the grounds and smudging is normal. there is also a void in the paint circled in blue. What's the board's opinion? Is this acceptable in your eyes? what would you do if weber says it's acceptable? I contend that if this is offered as a high end quality product, then it should be perfect.

Thanks for your input.

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EvanOz85 wrote:Quick question for Key owners:

How long on average does it take to grind 18g-ish dose for espresso at max RPM? I know this changes based on roast level/coarseness, but just looking for a general idea.

At 110, which is what I use, about 12 seconds. Max is 150.
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Has anyone else who installed the bean feeder removed it and gone back to stock?

I've taken mine back out as I found that quite a few beans were getting stuck on the edges under the funnel and not making it through the holes and into the burrs.

I found it worked very well when the elastic was used to hold the funnel during installation, but no so well for every day use with the funnel in place. A shame the funnel isn't two magnetically attached semi-circles and easily removed. Maybe it's just my beans and/or technique, but I feel the impellers on the rotating part need to be a it bigger.