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stephenmsis wrote:I run a medium sized business and can assure you that freight to and from Asia continues to be problem. The worst blockage is inbound to the USA, where sea freight has weeks of blockage. Air freight has become prohibitively expensive.
I stand to be corrected, but I don't recall lots of people posting that their Key had been built but was sitting in Taiwan for weeks waiting for DHL air, or that the container of Keys had been built and the container was sitting for months waiting for a ship to the USA, or that the ship was waiting outside Long Beach or wherever for weeks waiting to unload.

While there is a general issue moving goods, we're only concerned about the Key in this thread, and, for this subject, only if shipping times for the Key caused significant delays for the majority of customers receiving their grinders.
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Little to nothing to do with shipping overseas. They were just greedy and kept taking orders even when initial goal was met "in 5 minutes" which created massive backlog on their end

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#743: Post by TomC replying to Legend_217 »

It's not greedy to have a successful business.
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Legend_217 wrote:At cost of their reputation. Guess what's going to happen next time they launch another indiegogo campaign ?
An appropriate response from the marketplace.
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#746: Post by baristainzmking »

I took part in IGG the first day, but thought better of it and cancelled my preorder. I am so sad for everyone who has been waiting patiently for their grinder.

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I just got mine last week. it's been outstanding. I had two other grinders I was using until this one arrived, so I wasn't missing out by not having it.


#748: Post by Charly2nd »

Hi new Key grinder owners,
Did you get the lock washer?
I got my key grinder with magic tumbler two days ago.
After installing it I got a piece left (see picture below.)
Weber said that it goes in between flat washer and bolt, but wanted to confirm if I have to re install when adding the magic wiper, since this piece is not included in the manual or shown in any of the installation videos.

Thank you!


#749: Post by Epicurus »

Must be a new addition. I received my Key back in February and it did not include this washer. My guess is to make it easier to tighten the bolt or to keep it tightened.


#750: Post by Charly2nd »

Makes sense!
I didn't see it fall so was concerned of placing it in the wrong spot.