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#711: Post by rktcyntst »

Hahaha. I ordered on 6/22/21 and am waiting for the slow boat.

I think that's makes it ~18 months from order to still waiting. Worth it? Not sure. That's a lot of $$$ with nothing to show for it.

I'm hopefully I'll get it before the 24 month mark.

Or I'll just order something else and sell this if it ever makes it to me :D.


#712: Post by Legend_217 replying to rktcyntst »

I ordered MC4 6 months later after Key order and it arrived about 3 months ago. Had Weber advertised delivery by October 2022, no way I will preorder their Key


#713: Post by chipman »

On the other hand, some have tried and failed for years to order a Kafatec.


#714: Post by Legend_217 »

Easiest way to snap one is few days after kafatek preorder open. Bunch of people selling their spots for various reasons


#715: Post by Jshot »

chipman wrote:On the other hand, some have tried and failed for years to order a Kafatec.
If you miss out on a preorder, contact Denis and he'll put you on the next preorder. Not that hard to get one.


#716: Post by chipman »

I'm not in the market for another grinder, I was just commenting on the possible setbacks when ordering from small boutique companies. Especially during these very unusual times.


#717: Post by Jessipoo »

Dbcooper wrote:Just got my Weber Key 11 months after placing my order. I previously had a Eureka Atom 75 (bright, but lacks some body) and a Niche Zero (great body but lacking in brightness.) I was hoping the Weber Key would be right in the middle of those two and so far it seems to be hitting the mark. I might need to keep my Sette 270 as a decaf Americano grinder.

Why keep the Sette 270 for decaf out of curiosity?

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#718: Post by B2uatk »

the latest instagram posts by weber seems to have a new disk - think that's to control the amount of beans being dropped for grinding (and controlling any stalling issues) to hear opinions..


#719: Post by Arian-Yn »

Anyone saw Weber's new Instagram post?
Seems like the new antipopcorning system is also fixing the other end of shaft.

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#720: Post by yakster »

I don't really have too much trouble with popcorning, probably because I run it slowly, but this does look interesting. They've promised more details tomorrow. Here's a still capture of the Instagram video clip. It looks like it's spring loaded and probably opens when the grinder is running. It may make blowing and brushing out the burrs more complex.


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