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You can tape the (upper) funnel to the top of the grinder to get the funnel out of the way and look at the gap between the inner and outer burrs while rotating. That's what is important, not the shaft outer diameter.

I can't really recommend a DIY procedure because if you get it wrong, then you have to take the grinder apart. You also need to figure out beforehand if alignment can solve the issue. (An alignment can't fix a bent driveshaft.) However, this is the HG-2 procedure that OZ Espresso uses (Weber repair place). The HG-2 procedure is similar, but seems to be not quite the same as the Key:
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Thanks baldheadracing

Im tempted to try the steps in this video. But I get your point. These alignment steps won't do anything for a bent drive shaft. And I'm a little nervous to just tap the shaft with a hammer, because if I don't get it right, I could easily make it worse....

I suppose I'll see what Weber says.

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I personally wouldn't be trying to bend/tap the shaft of a brand new grinder.

Look at the gap between the burrs using the sheet of paper idea in the video. (A small flashlight/phone works as well.) That will tell you if there is an issue.

Again, the procedure in the video is not the same as the Key. The general principles are the same, but I think that the outer burr mounting to the case is different, and you can't access those bolts easily anyhow.
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Yeah- I'm thinking I probably won't mess with it.

It's strange but after running a bunch of beans through it this morning, the wobble seems a little less pronounced. So I dunno if maybe just some small remnants of pieces in between the burrs might cause some small amounts of fluctuation in apparent shaft wobble?

And then I just did a blind testing between my comandante and the key brewing with my Kalita. Got the exact same draw-down of about 3:55. And the resulting cups were extremely close. With me actually slightly preferring the result from the key?

I purchased the key for a future espresso setup. And figured that my trusty commandante would likely outperform the key for filter. And it's just one test. But even if the performance is close- then I'm satisfied.

I think all this puts my mind at ease. For the time being anyway...

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choroidalfusion wrote:Yeah- I'm thinking I probably won't mess with it ...
Probably the best decision 8).

I personally think that "outperform" is not the right term for grinders past a certain minimum. (Okay, a Key will outperform a $20 grinder.) It is more a matter of preferences and tastes - one coffee might taste better to you on one grinder vs. another; one grinder might have a bigger sweet spot for dialing in espresso than another (the Key, like most(all?) big conicals, has a huge sweet spot); etc.
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Hey Guys,

I think the alignment topic is very interesting. I just did a realignment with my key. Not that I had any Problems, but I like to optimize stuff :mrgreen:

In that Prozess I had an idea to evaluate the Alignment and maybe the break in Status. For me there are 3 interesting Grind settings:
Lock (how far can I turn the setting until the grind adjustment locks, motor off),
Touch (when do I hear touching noise of the burrs, motor on, small increments) and
Espresso (it can be quite different for certain roasts and baskets)

Here are my results:

12 Lock
2 Touch
7 Espresso

My Theorie is, the nearer the lock and touch points are, the better the alignment.

In my experience I needed to Grind finer during the break in process. So maybe the Distance between Lock and Espresso is an Indicator for the Break in Process. But as mentioned above, it may vary a lot due to the beans...

What do you think? Maybe we get some more measurements here. It would be great :D


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I just received my Key literally yesterday. I just spent a bit of time dialing in a new bean I have never had before. Still having a bit of trouble. I followed the initial start up suggestion but it was way too coarse. I am fine enough after a few shots to pull a lungo. I need to go a bit finer to hit 1:2 in 25-30s. Tomorrow I will try again and see how it tastes and what the settings are.

Currently, they were touching at 12...... I am all the way round and at 3 now and its Lungo. Probably get to around 1 to be espresso range.


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12 to 3 are 6 increments
I have around 5 increments, so for me it is in the range.

Can you check the locking point, too?


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Quick Question:
So I am dialing in some beans. I received the grinder yesterday. Does it take time to season the burrs? I am seeing some retention here that is more than expected, for example can be 0.6/0/7g. I have probably pulled approx 7/8 shots. Took me a while to get the grind size withing range.

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I'm using a lens cleaner blower, e.g.,

Beans/fragments can get hung up on top of the outer burr/burr carrier, especially if low rpm is used.

I suspect that seasoning is a separate issue from retention. If the burrs season like the same burrs in my old HG-One, then seasoning will take multiple kilos of dark-roasted coffee; and more with a medium or lighter roast. I'm about a kilo in on my Key, and it settled down (no more spritzes/channels in the puck, consistent extraction times) within the first 500g. Grind setting is still setting down, though.
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