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FaantastiK wrote:I care enough about coffee to be reading/writing in the home barista forums, but I don't take things quite as seriously as some of the people around here. With that said, I've successfully made tasty espresso, pour-over, and aeropress coffee with my Key and I'm quite happy with the purchase.
Do you regularly change grind size between espresso, PO, and AP? How has your experience been with this?

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I've also used the KEY for both espresso and pour over, once you've run some beans through to help it bed in, the results are very consistent and grind settings repeatable, it's really not rocket science. I've enjoyed using mine immensely.


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I am six months in now. Agree with you. I can switch between espresso and pour over, and between light, medium and dark roast beans and get consistent results. You get to intuitively know the range to within a couple of clicks for each grind.

I enjoy using mine immensely too. It's good to see all the armchair complainers and theorists have left the scene, with the users now just getting on and enjoying great coffee.


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Brian Lam (Founder of Wirecutter and author of ... o-at-home/) recently did a podcast with Cool Toys where he described his journey to eventually owning a Weber Key that I think is worth a listen!


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Thank you for sharing. That was a fun watch.

Best quote of the video. Discussing puck prep with the flat max, "I can't be that on point for my first coffee, before my first coffee." Pretty much sums up my experience with the flat max, haha.


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I just received my Key today and when I go turn it on. Nothing happens. No lights or anything. Anyone know what could be going on here?


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Did you turn the power switch on? Better yet, did you watch the instruction video?


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Yup, the power switch is on. The cord is plugged into the back correctly I followed the manual. I removed the screw and installed the pin. I did put some beans in there for resistance to take the screw off. The grind adjustment is sitting flush and not raised. When I click the power button, it doesn't illuminate. Will it illuminate if it's seized or stalled?


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Just to make sure. Did you turn the main switch on in the back in addition to the on off button on the side? If it did seize, just wait a few minutes and try again.


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Yes, the back switch is turned on as well.