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#611: Post by JB90068 »

tompoland wrote:Would love to know which burrs you are using in the EG-1: Core, Ultra or Base. Thanks.
Hi Tom. I'm using the Core burrs and in case I wasn't clear, my comment was related to espresso only. I have a set of Ultra burrs, but I've never installed them and instead use the Key with my Hario Switch.
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#612: Post by Epicurus »

I recently acquired the standard tumbler and have been experiencing a strange phenomenon. Every shot using the standard tumbler, funnel and wiper causes channeling on the same left side of the puck during extraction. This occurs on two separate espresso machines (Linea Mini & Oracle) and also when using WDT to mix the grounds in the PF. I've also tried without the wiper with the same results.

Oddly going back to the Magic tumbler, it immediately goes away and I get even extractions. I can't wrap my head around what may be causing this oddity. The only thing I've yet to try is grinding directly into the portafilter. Just curious if anyone with the standard tumbler has experienced similar issues.

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#613: Post by Jeff »

Epicurus wrote:Every shot using the standard tumbler [...] causes channeling on the same left side of the puck during extraction.
My guess is that if you rotate the prepped basket a half turn, the "defect" will move with it.

Not specific to this grinder, it is difficult to avoid uneven compression of the grinds with most "flip-over" dosing cup approaches. Even if everything looks OK, the grinds have a tendency to compress unevenly, which stirring may or may not improve enough to be "in the noise" compared to other irregularities.


#614: Post by N714 »

Jessipoo wrote:for anyone using it for pour over, what is your experience like so far?
fines? sludge?
I imagine the 5 micron change is too small and you'd need to move the grind setting quite a bit to get changes
I have tried pour over 3-4 times. I find a good setting to be one full rotation coarser than espresso setting. Personally I did not like the cups, it is to harsh for me (lots of fines and boulders),and I think the burrs are more aimed for espresso. It may be ok if you don't drink pour over regularly, but if you are I think it is a good idea to invest in a grinder for pour over

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#615: Post by Ahmad H. »

Had the key for about 2 weeks now.

I'm not liking the magic tumbler, I find the normal dosing funnel and shaker to provide more consistent result and cleaner extraction than the magic tumbler.

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#616: Post by JB90068 »

Magic Tumbler thoughts:

My first Weber grinder was the EG-1 and it came with the Blind Shaker. In practical use it is very similar to the Key's Magic Tumbler. At first I was having some consistency issues using the Blind Shaker. There are a few short videos on WW's website where Douglas places the shaker on top of the portafilter, swirls the whole thing and then pulls the plunger out, taps it and then tamps the grounds. Once I incorporated that technique into my workflow, any inconsistencies largely disappeared. When I got my Key, it had become second nature to use this same technique with the Magic Tumbler. Now with both grinders well seasoned, I don't have to WDT at all, but since I have a Duomo, I find I still use it as a leveler.
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#617: Post by FaantastiK »

I'm curious what those with the standard funnel are doing with their portafilters while grinding. It looks like some are using the Decent stand with a little double-sided tape and some have started 3d-printing mods to hold the portafilter. Since the aesthetic of the Key is undeniable, I'd love to see some of the different solutions that people have found.


#618: Post by chipman »

I use the shaker on my EG1 and the magic tumbler on my Key. Both work as advertised and have never had to WDT.Only occasionally does excessive static make some rounds stuck temporarily to the sides of the tumbler. A simple tap to the side takes care of that.


#619: Post by tglodjo »

FaantastiK wrote:Since the aesthetic of the Key is undeniable, I'd love to see some of the different solutions that people have found.
Yes! The aesthetic aspect is really important to me and I'm not sure what will be best, especially since I have the Snow version. I really like the 3D printed option, but would love to see that or something similar in a material that parallels Weber's design.

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#620: Post by JDR »

TLDR- sold my NZ, kept my KEY, paired with LMLM.

Long time lurker, first time poster. I've put approximately 3 lbs of med/dark roast beans and 2 lbs of light roast beans through my KEY grinder. My grinder history goes from Baratza Vario > Baratza Sette > Niche Zero > Weber KEY. Since then my workflow has significantly changed as you can imagine. Out of the four grinders I've owned, the Niche Zero is hands down the most user friendly.

However, this focuses on the KEY experience. I've found it to be a pleasant addition to my mornings. I purchased it with the magic tumbler and have installed the WDT tool. I actually find RDT not particularly helpful in my short experience with this grinder simply because I don't find static an issue. With RDT, yes there are less grounds 'stuck' to the inside of the magic tumbler after grinding, however as some have mentioned previously a simple tap/swirl leads those grounds into the base of the funnel.

I drink both pour over and espresso, primarily espresso, and find that the KEY is the perfect grinder for me. My ultimate goal is to have a single grinder on my bench that can do both well enough to my liking. I am still a coffee amateur at best.

Pourover: Most notable difference came with pourover results in the cup which I feel is where the KEY definitely shines. I use V60 most often, occasionally I'll pull out the siphon, and less and less do I reach for my Chemex. Do I measure extraction and all that fanciness? No. Do I enjoy a delicate and balanced cup? Definitely. I found the NZ to be very sub-par in this regard.

Espresso: The KEY definitely provides a different espresso experience than the NZ in the cup. I think James Hoffman's video highlights this really well in terms of flavor balance and mouthfeel/body. I initially had problems with channeling/spritzing which has since subsided; whether it was the KEY vs puck prep I will never know. I found grinding at the 90-100 RPM range gives me a very well-bodied, more velvety espresso. The KEY espresso was much less ZINGY and PUNCHY or acid-forward which I happily embraced coming from the NZ. All of those little tasting notes on the bags of coffee beans? They started to reach an 'A ha!' for me.

Overall, I love it. I initially put the KEY up for sale because I was starting to get swayed by the circulating negative reviews but I took my own advice and formed my own opinion; I'm grateful that I did. Is the workflow more messy in the mornings than the NZ? Yes, but marginally so. The workflow makes me feel more 'involved' in the process, but I'm sure it's just because there's an additional step in going from grinder to the PF via the magic tumbler.

My morning is my zen time with my coffee and the KEY is a welcomed addition to that process.