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N714 wrote:The MC4 and the Key are very comparable in taste at 120 rpm, the mc4 might have a bit more clarity and a bit less body. Personally, I think many people will not be able to tell which one is which by taste. Conical is good for thick body espresso and milk base drinks, and easier to dial in than flat.

The Lagom p64 (SSP HU) it is very different clarity is very high, close to large 98 burrs, but lower body and mouthfeel when compared to conical.

Choosing one depend on your preference.
I've been curious about comparing the Key an MC4. Thanks. Could you comment on workflow and retention?


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Both grinders are very low retention I have not had any issues with both of them. Both sometimes leave one or two coffee bean on the top if you use RDT(visible on the key, mc4 not visible it stick to the pancake burr wall).

Workflow in mc4 is very strait forward, but the key takes time then you get use to it (Magic tumbler). I think if you use the funnel it will be similar to mc4

MC4: I clean portafilter then grind directly
Key: I put beans into grinder then clean portafilter as the grounds are going into the magic tumbler

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Has anyone received one and decided NOT to keep it? I'm interested in buying one.

Please PM me, and let me know! Ideally, a snow version, with magic tumbler. but will happily take onyx as well.


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Does anyone else experience a rhythmic thumping noise with their grinder? It sounds like it's coming from the motor in the back of the unit and the frequency increases when turning the rpm up. I'm trying to determine if this is normal or if something happened to the grinder in shipping.


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I haven't experienced any of the thumping sounds you've described in the past two months of ownership.

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From earlier in this thread.
Jessipoo wrote:Did/does anyone have a thumping type of sound coming from the back casing? As you increase the rpm the speed of the thumping increases too
beanboy wrote:I have definitely noticed the "thumping" at high RPMs, but it seems to occur inconsistently.

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it's probably the wipers in the magic shaker.


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It happens with the tumbler removed, it's definitely from the rear of the machine.


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I heard people put more grease in the gear to get rid of the noise


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I emailed Weber and they said it was normal. I added more grease to the bevel gears and it made it better.