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Sure, happy to. The incident happened on July 21'st. I immediately contacted LWW via Instagram DM and followed up with an email. They responded within an hour on Instagram stating that it's a known issue on some of the first units, and said they could have it fixed very quickly as they have an improved gear. They followed up by email the next morning as well, and provided a return address. I shipped it later that day (luckily I live in Taipei, where the grinders ship from). I covered the shipping cost, I didn't ask them to, but heck it's less than 10USD from here...

They received the grinder the next day, and I followed up last Wednesday the 28'th after not hearing anything. They responded and said they're waiting for the parts to come in, and that it should be available this week. Fingers crossed, so far so good. I do hope to have it back on my counter this week.

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Thanks RayD, that's good to hear.

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Sorry to hear about this RayD, but at least the resolution appears to be swift. Can you tell us which batch(es) of units this flaw is present in? There were several rounds/batches of these presale orders, and I bought mine in the "2nd round" of presale (placed my order on may 4th). I've not seen any issues with mine but I'd very much like to know if my unit is susceptible to the issue. Thanks!
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@djcuvcuv Here's hoping! (re the swiftness of the resolution) I'll follow up with them tomorrow. I don't know which batch(es) of units the flaw is present in, their words to me were "some of the first units". I do know that I was in the first round of the pre-sale. I could ask, but at the same time I don't want to sh** stir you know? I get your concern though, I'd want to know and be proactive about it.


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Turns out the resolution is decidedly not swift. After promising to "have it fixed very quickly" and assuring me it would only be a couple of days till it was resolved on July 20'th they answered an email of mine on Wednesday July 28'th informing me that the part was not in stock and that I should have the grinder on the week of August 2-6, along with promising to keep me updated.

After hearing nothing for another week I both emailed them and dm'd them on Instagram last Wednesday the 4'th. No response. Nothing. Radio silence, as of Sunday 8/8.

I am disgruntled. I (apparently misguidedly) bought the grinder anticipating that it would provide a lifetime of trouble-free use, and on the off chance that something did go wrong then it wouldn't be hard to get it resolved since I live in Taipei, where LWW ships the grinders from. I'm not sure what my next step should be...I guess I could post on the Key thread that Douglas started here in the forums, as well as on Facebook. Key backers might want to consider what they may well have to deal with if they have any issues in the future.


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Definitely hope this get resolved ASAP as I'd be quite annoyed having a serious issue with a new grinder, especially if I depended solely on it for daily use. Quite certain I've seen the 'heirloom quality' description attached to their grinders, but this surely speaks volumes against that. Good luck!


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I hope that your issue will be resolved soon!
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i admit that i had the same anticipation as RayD but I've had a few annoying issues throughout my HG-2 purchasing process as well. Nothing like a broken machine, but the shipment as missing the magic tumbler and i didnt get it shipped to me for like a month, and that centre piece was rusted at the centre and a new centre had to then be shipped which was another 2-3 weeks. the time lag in those quotes are due to "radio silence" as well as just long shipping times from Hong Kong to Boston. but overall i was upset a bit to pay a premium on a pre-order for a company that boasts about perfection only to receive something considerably less than that.

i should say the HG-2 thus far has been a pure joy to use and i love the damn thing. also all my issues were eventually resolved with said aforementioned ancillary componentry.

at bottom i recognize they mean well and are trying their best, but they bit off more than they could chew with this enterprise from a scalability perspective.
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@BrodieZoffa Me too, if this goes on much longer I'll be exploring my options for returning the grinder and getting something more dependable from a manufacturer who has a proven track record of after-sales support. "Heirloom quality" is not the description I'd choose to describe my unit anyway :roll:

@Ad-85 Thank you, I'll make sure to update this thread 8)

@djcuvcuv I'll ask which units shipped with the faulty gear. I don't know if I'll get an answer, but I hope yours isn't affected. I wish they were proactive about the issue and notified those with affected units. All of the boasting about "heirloom quality construction" and perfection is really frustrating. It's just not true. I get the sense that they do mean well, and the HG-2 is absolutely a thing of beauty and I love using it. Maybe you're right with the scalability observation, if so the problems are only just starting. I hope they hire well and are able to provide better service for their customers in the future. I'll be cheering for them. I was planning on getting an EG-1 as well but I'm putting those plans on pause.

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thanks RayD, and best of luck with all this rigamarole. alternatively, you could also just get a monolith max and call it a day :D
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