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roopaksuri wrote:EG-1 v3 owner here. For filter brews especially with light roasted coffees, the Ultra burrs are highly recommended. I have also tried light roasted April Coffee espessso with Ultra burrs for quite a while, to produce 1:2-5 to 1:3 ratio shots.

I compared the cup quality of EG-1 Ultra brews with Fellow ODE Gen 1 with SSP MP burrs & also with Fellow Ode Gen 2 (gen 2 burrs). For one-tenth the cost, Fellow ODE Gen 2 is almost as good as EG-1 Ultra for filter brewing.

The area where EG-1 really shines is espresso. These days I'm using it with core burrs for medium roasted espresso beans from La Cabra.

I have not tried key but most folks I know use Key for espresso.
I have been driving myself crazy thinking about the endgame upgrade from mp burrs to something that can house th ultra burrs. I know you say ode gen 2 is close, how do you find the MP and ultra burrs compare?

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