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Apparently they are announcing a new grinder tomorrow. At first I thought "Product Announcement LIVE" meant we could tune in for a video, but there is no time or anything listed. So, I think it just means the announcement will be posted tomorrow.


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Looks like it'll be an electric HG-1.

Looks like it'll be a conical burr-set, do espresso and it doesn't have a hand crank as far as I can tell.
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#3: Post by Simon345 »

Seems like its about to launch any minute


#4: Post by Alestz »

The site is live FYI

GregoryJ (original poster)

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Interesting, the questionnaire asked if you'd be interested in crowd funding it. It looks really nice, but I guess it's still quite a bit of time before it's available.


#6: Post by darrenho »

Looks to be in good build quality.
I just joined the waitlist. :)
Wondering how tall it would be. Couldn't seem to find the product dimensions info.


#7: Post by nicholasnumbers »

Has anyone seen workflow with the magic tumbler? Are you just supposed to dump that into a portafilter with a funnel?

Also signed up for updates. Have been looking for a big conical to throw on my home bar and this could be a fit. Just hope Doug makes these in all clear anodized aluminum. Right now all I see is black and white.



#8: Post by CantinaCoffee »

I'm considering a Niche and a Lagom, and this seems like a logical middle ground. Product page says $2k retail, but the survey mentioned $1,500 retail and $1,200 with crowdfunding discount. I'd definitely be in the market at the $1,200 price point..... I think my wife would murder me if I spent more than that on a grinder. :shock:

I wish the campaign was live now so I could impulse buy it :D


#9: Post by Auctor »

Assuming this can grind with the same quality as the HG-1, I think he nailed it. I love this concept. I feel like there's something for everyone:

- large, high quality conical
- electrified
- variable rpm
- modest footprint
- affordable (value oriented)

The only thing I can't seem to figure is why buy the HG-2 if you can purchase this for nearly the same price? I must be missing something.

Edit: looks like the $1200 price point was an error, which now explains why the grinder seemed too good to be true. not sure I feel like this is affordable anymore for an electrified HG-1.


#10: Post by cskorton »

Yeah if this thing is going to cost 1,200 for crowdfunding, 1,500 expected retail, and listed at 2k, why bother with the HG-2 and are there any short cuts being taken to get to the price point?