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#791: Post by vze26m98 »

Got my ship notice from Weber last night, east coast US. IGG #129, onyx.


#792: Post by Srv-02 »

Also just received my shipping order: #399 - ONYX, based in Europe

The Spring Clean and the Cleaning Brush Boar Hair weren't included with this tracking number.
Maybe they don't fit in the same package or aren't in stock at the moment.


#793: Post by Serjitankian »


What carrier is being used for your shipping? For me (to germany) it is UPS, same for you?


#794: Post by Srv-02 » replying to Serjitankian »

I got DHL Express.


#795: Post by zip15 »

Backer #31. Also got my shipping notice!


#796: Post by Mavpanaught »

Late to the party...

Does Contribution ID = Backer Number?

6/26 I backed it... and my number is over 3###? Can that be right?


#797: Post by stump007 »

Sounds about right. My order on the 22nd was 14XX, and when I re-ordered on the 24, it was 24XX. So 3#150 on the 26th seems normal.

Now that being said, that should give a rough feeling where you stand in line, but isn't an absolute metric IMO.
For example, today's newsletter they said their total amount of units to ship is around 2000 units. Since the order # goes at least up to 3150, that means there aren't necessarily as many people lining in front of you as you might think :D


#798: Post by ethiopianbuffman »

Yeah because all those people who canceled to reorder just get New numbers so there are less people waiting than you think


#799: Post by Jessipoo »

how is the finish on yours?
I have snow and there are marks all over it that shows in certain angles with the light bouncing off of it, the way it looks is like grease marks but it's not grease marks, it's been cleaned 15 times lol I was really hoping it would be but it wasn't


#800: Post by Mavpanaught »


It also isn't counting all the panic cancels too. I just wanted to make sure they had the right number for the shipping deal since they asked for Backer ID.

Appreciate you all