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Mike Panic

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On Jan 19 I contacted Weber about my shipping status because my IGG number in Onyx was below 125 and the Dec 31 update on IGG indicated 100ish have been produced and packaged up. On Jan 5th my credit card was charged for DHL shipping but by the 19th backerkit still didn't have any info.

Jan 20 I got shipping info from DHL.

Jan 21 I got this reply from Weber (sorry I've been too busy to copy / paste here)
Thank you for your email. We will start shipping units for USA customers who paid for the DHL upgrade shipping next week. Based on your number, hopefully it will be shipped by the end of January or it will be shipped in February after the Chinese New Year. You will receive the shipping confirmation with the tracking number when the grinder is getting prepared and ready to be shipped out. We are trying the best to assemble and ship the units out asap, but the quality is our no.1 priority. We want customers to be happy with the KEY grinders when they receive them.
Fully understanding what it takes to run a small business, one can assume they have north of 2,000 grinders prepaid, but this level of generic email is luke-warm, at best.

Be prepared, they are already gearing up to blame Chinese New Year for more delays. Meanwhile, their seems to be no shortage of both Onyx and Snow grinders floating around on Instagram, ironically on fairly well established coffee-centered accounts.


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I hope this does not take any longer, I'm not sure how the numbering system works but some guy on IGG his contribution ID# is twice as mine just posted that he received his grinder and it is snow. I still have not received any shipping update

I think if they create a page were they update what's the latest id# that was shipped for both onyx and snow, that will save them a lot of time answering people.


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I believe they prioritize their old customers and anyone who willing to pay current non discount price first. I wish they were more transparent on shipping like Decent


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Yes, it is.
Every manufacturer should have an acceptable tolerance marked on their blueprints.
If the tolerance is exceeded, the part is defective; if it is within the tolerance, the part is not defective.
The tighter the tolerance, the higher the defective rate of the part, and consequently the higher the price, which we cannot afford.
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Mike Panic wrote: Be prepared, they are already gearing up to blame Chinese New Year for more delays.
It's not about blaming - pretty much every company/factory in Taiwan is going to be closed the week of Jan 31st for Chinese New year. Please let hardworking people deserve their rest.
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Agreed. This is a cultural holiday that happens each year.
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Chili Palmer

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Anybody else see the Key Grinder in the background of James Hoffman's latest video on the moka pot?


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Someone already posted it 2 pages ago.


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Lotus1220 wrote:Thanks Naz! Do update us when you receive shipment confirmation. Mine is #66 Snow.
Hey George! I just got a tracking number from Weber Workshop, exactly 2 weeks from when they said when they're gonna ship out.

Now I cant concentrate doing anything :shock:


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Hi there!
I've read the instruction manual of the key and as well the last ten pages of this discussion. And I just like to know, if I understood the grind setting adjustment correctly.
What I expected was an adjustment similar to the Niche, so that by looking at the adjustment ring I would know right away if I'm in the pour over or in the espresso range. But this does not seem to be the case right?
From the instruction manual I get that from espresso to filter it takes about a full rotation of the ring so the number indicating the grind setting would be the same. Is that right?