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Monsterzero wrote:Has anyone received one of these new Weber grinders yet to try out and give their opinion/review?
Weber Key Grinder

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Thanks. I guess I missed that post, since it was buried.

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Douglas chiming in here to quell what seems like an unfounded rumor. We have one motor supplier, so not sure what sparked that. We also have rigorous checks for torque on each unit, and know that we can espresso-grind on beans so light we deem them virtually undrinkable. That said, we are early in production and will address all direct feedback. Much easier and productive than finding rumors on a forum ;)
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Thanks for clarifying that Doug!
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Onyx IGG backer with USA DHL upgrades shipping just got tracking info.

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Curious to what your back number is. I am in the 1100's and am assuming another 2 month wait.

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Mike Panic wrote:Onyx IGG backer with USA DHL upgrades shipping just got tracking info.
Congratulations! Hope it arrives quickly. My backer number is in the upper 30's and still haven't received DHL info yet.

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I've been using mine since January 4. Delighted. I went from a Niche, which is an excellent grinder, to the new Key.

Design is lovely. Getting the huge burrs into such a narrow unit.
Magic tumbler is an outstanding touch, great workflow and the integrated WTD makes a big difference when the grind is dropped into the portafilter - a much more uniform grind visually.
Quieter than the Niche, and I've worked up and down the motor speed settings. It grinds my Gardelli single origin at 40 rpm and does it well.
The integrated cleaning brush is a neat touch and cleaning the burrs and the whole machine is a quick job.
Definitely less retention than the Niche, no question

I'm no coffee guru so I won't go on some pretend tasting notes A/B test. What I will say is the taste notes are ever so slightly more defined with the Key. It's marginal stuff, but it's there, no doubt. I've blind tested and had others blind test and you can pick the Key. Small differences, but at this level I guess that's to be expected, a step change wouldn't be expected. I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes when the burrs are seasoned a bit more.

Huge fan, so glad I bought this piece of kit. A step up from the Niche, which I thought was a great grinder in any case.

Not sire about this whole queue numbering argument that's going on. I registered for the crowdfund the minute it was released, stopped in the street and registered and paid. I'm in London and it arrived on the sixth day after the notification of despatch was received.

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mralecthomas wrote:Curious to what your back number is. I am in the 1100's and am assuming another 2 month wait.
Below 125

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How are people finding the factory burr alignment? Good enough? Looking through with light, uniform gap all around?

I'm giving up on my first generation HG-One (stepless adjustment), because it's impossible to align. I need pieces of aluminum foil everywhere, been working with it for almost 9 years now, but never got it aligned to anything good, it still produces too much fines. I found out the shaft has always been bent, so using pieces of foil under the lower burr to shift it around and get it moving centered, but it's a fool's game. Just want to get rid of the darn thing and buy a grinder that produces less fines, because this one destroys every coffee, adding burnt taste to everything. Even my Rosco hand grinder produces less fines and makes better espresso, but it's too cumbersome.

So, if this KEY grinder has a perfect straight shaft and good factory alignment, I'm in. Otherwise, if it's still a hit or miss, I'll have to look elsewhere, maybe the Levercraft Ultra? What's the most accurate grinder with the least fines? I really detest that burnt taste of fines now after almost 9 years of dealing with it.

I think the long shaft of this grinder's design is a weak point, it exaggerates any milling error, making it very difficult to get the lower burr turning exactly centered.