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bas wrote: So why not a Niche or Key (better build quality and nicer looks) with a bigger version of the Comandante burr set? That would be interesting and refreshing.
Simply because bigger does not equal better.

Consider a LAGOM mini with the 48 "TICN Obsydian" burrs if you want another burr for filter.

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I got a backer update for the Key grinder and they mentioned that even though they did not attend the SCA show in New Orleans due to COVID travel restrictions, they did send the grinder and win the SCAA Best New Product award.

This post shows that the SCA show was practically a ghost town.
The craziest %#*$ing thing I've seen all day...

They provided this update and some photos.
Production is moving forward quickly with die-casts, CNC, 3D CMM measurements (coordinate measuring machine), and component preparation all moving forward daily. Once all of the major Aluminum components are finished with machining and surface preparation (sanding and bead-blasting), they will be heading for their respective anodizing and electrostatic painting processes. The stainless pieces just get polished and are finished until final assembly.

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In case some of you missed this, posted Oct 25, 2021 in: Grinder Advice - Single dose (P64 vs Weber Key)
EdTW wrote:... I emailed ... Weber 2 weeks ago and we are looking at early next year for the Key to ship (customer support said likely in January) ...
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I got a backer email update today about the Key. They're experiencing supply chain delays affecting their powder coat line and slipping their goal of shipping "some" grinders in October to November now. They also shared some good news about the progress they're making in other areas.

I think their update is publicly viewable here: ... pdates/all

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Ypuh wrote:
If he still uses a Niche on a daily basis which he calls 'muddied' or a '6-7' compared to the 5 grinders in the ultimate showdown
Jshot wrote: My answer is no, but it may still unseat his Niche as a daily grinder. We'll see.
I believe he uses an EG1 daily now.


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According to the product page on Weber's website, it appears that shipping was delayed further, to early 2022.


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as an Indiegogo backer, I got their updates (and also seen their stories on Instagram). They've done a couple of 'real' units off their production line, packaged them and shipped them. I think they're hopeful that IGG backers (at least some of them) will still get it before EOY but yes definitely I would expect if you order from their website now you won't be seeing them until 2022.
That said, they also seem to have been working hard on the production line so once they actually fulfil the pre-orders, new orders probably won't be very long to make/ship.

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When I placed my order at the beginning of the month through Weber's site, Weber was quoting end-of-year. Now, it appears to be early 2022 for those of us who bought directly from Weber. Hard to say, though, if that applies to my order. I haven't personally received an update. Even so, early 2022 is fine with me. Better to do it once and do it right.

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Today's email said that they'll start shipping Key grinders next week.

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I can't imagine how to it will take for that container ship to arrive in Los Angeles and how long it will sit off the coast waiting in line with all the others.