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#511: Post by McPickle »

At that point you can buy a Lagom 64 AND a Niche zero.


#512: Post by jcran17 »

Jshot wrote:I imagine him thinking why Weber offered a manual or electric version of the same grinder for the same price. Why would anyone 'want' to manually grind?
Good point. I used to enjoy the simplicity and "art" of grinding by hand with my HG1. My wife, and infant at the time, also much preferred the quiet morning as compared with the cimbali max grinder I was using just before I got my HG1. But, at that time, it was considerably cheaper/eloquent than anything with a motor of similar caliber.

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#513: Post by baldheadracing »

For those that want to read Douglas Weber's view on Key and HG-2 pricing: (long read, pricing strategy is discussed towards the end of the interview) ... ey-grinder

As an aside, just my opinion, but I would say that the Niche and Key are in very different market segments - just like, for example, two hand grinders that are pretty much indistinguishable in the cup but offer very different usage experiences and price points: the HG-1 and the Pharos v2.


#514: Post by Ypuh »

Didn't shoot Weber Workshop itself in the foot by offering the Key at a heavy discount first? I would never pay $2.000, knowing it was available for $1.500 a few weeks ago. I know how Kickstarter works, but there's simply something blocking in my brain knowing this. If any, it pushed me towards the Lagom P64.

My opinion is that a company like Weber that's already semi-established, shouldn't use Kickstarter since it might hurt them just as much as offer an (easy) way to gain capital. I'd expect their next product launch to have a discount as well and just wait for that (or be disappointed if they didn't).


#515: Post by BodieZoffa »

Jshot wrote:I imagine him thinking why Weber offered a manual or electric version of the same grinder for the same price. Why would anyone 'want' to manually grind?
Possibly, but I gladly do every day and wouldn't trade what I use for any electric to be honest. Typical morning is 7 19ish gram doubles.


#516: Post by Steveholt »

McPickle wrote:At that point you can buy a Lagom 64 AND a Niche zero.
I don't think that's the case at all.

2000 dollars,

Prima coffee lagom p64 is about 1700 dollars, and 300 dollars never covered a niche.

The real comparisons were that the Lagon is cheaper than the key will be at full retail and was more expensive than the key at the earliest kick starter price.

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#517: Post by walr00s » replying to Steveholt »

I think the point he's making is that the Key can't be a "Niche killer" since its full retail price is ~3x the cost of a Niche. I'd consider buying a Niche. A key is beyond what I consider reasonable to spend on my coffee hobby.

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#518: Post by Jeff »

I don't think Weber targets the same market as Niche.

To me, a Versalab is a closer competitor, at $3,000 or so. The "premium conical" market sounds like a non-imaginary market with growth potential.

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#519: Post by Jshot » replying to Jeff »

And the MC4


#520: Post by bas »

I hope there will come conicals to the market with a less traditional burr profile. For me the Niche (63 mm Mazzer Kony burrs), Kinu M68 (68 mm Italmill) and HG1 (83 mm Robur) were more a less the same. The Niche is a keeper so far because of the usability and compact size.

All these traditional conicals are usable for filter but preform mediocre compared to the Comandante. The Niche a bit better than the M68. Even for light roast espresso I prefer the Comandante. That one is closer to flat burrs regarding taste.

So why not a Niche or Key (better build quality and nicer looks) with a bigger version of the Comandante burr set? That would be interesting and refreshing.

The Baratza with that Etzinger burr set is a pretty good brew grinder. But both the Vario with steel burrs and the Comandante win.

Of course this is all highly subjective. I did not do extensive side by side testing and my taste preferences could well be different from others. In the end there are hardly any objective ways to compare subjective matters.