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#151: Post by Jshot »

All agree that it's a slick video. Much went into it. You assume the company approves all aspects of this first video before release.

I watched before any commentary was made and when I heard the grinder start up my immediate response was not positive. Not positive at all.

I'm no expert and cannot speculate on why it sounded the way it did. The only one who can answer is Weber, so I'll ask them.

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#152: Post by TenLayers »

And that Decent! Sounded like a machine gun! And the steaming of the milk was a like a screaming eagle in full dive. Come on, people, the sound is turned up to 11.

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#153: Post by ira »

I've heard no one complain about the volume of the Weber Key, just about the sound.


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#154: Post by TenLayers »

I was referring to the sound as well, not volume. Not saying it was the right or wrong approach from a marketing approach, just that the sound is unnaturally tweaked.


#155: Post by Legend_217 »

From marketing approach they did a terrible job of editing video. Extraction look horrible and the guy barely tamped the puck