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Hi Baristas!
I have had my white Key for around 8 months. It has been working perfectly fine, average 2x a day on average since I got it new. However this morning when I switched it on the burrs are not moving. The light is on.... but no grinding.

Is there a known solution that you guys might have come across?



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I wish I had the answer....welcome to the club. Mine has done the same thing on multiple occasions. Eventually it just decides to turn back on...I've never figured it out. I always start with unplugging it and letting it sit for 10 minutes.

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Iconicred wrote:Is there a known solution that you guys might have come across?
There is a known issue with some of the power supply boards. I don't know if that is your issue, but I'd suggest contacting Weber customer service as the machine is under warranty.
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Iconicred (original poster)

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You know what I eventually did. I unplugged the main socket..... did not work. They I decided to unplug it at the machine. Plugged it back and its up and running again.


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That doesn't always me.