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erik82 wrote:Turning with the front cover off and first clean everything. Then go finer till both burrs are completely locked. That's full lock.
so not just co-rotating, you're going a few steps past that? i find there are a few more steps finer i could go once the burrs co-rotate based on manually turning one of the burrs.


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I'm indeed some steps beyond that where you can't rotate the burrs anymore and they completely seize. To the point where you don't want to turn the grinder on by accident as you'll ruin the motor on notime. That's full lock and absolute zero.

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Thanks, Erik! I'm sure the answer was obvious to everyone else, I just get lost in specifics.

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Great idea for this thread, i find the Weberworks forum lacking :(

My measurements are as follows, rotating counter clockwise:

Full lock -> 7.2
End of chirping -> +1 turn 0.7
My Pour over range -> +1 turn 8 to +2turns 0

No idea for espresso, i tried a +1turn 1 and thought i should go finer. Im not sure i want to do espresso with these burrs, looks like a lot of work....

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i assume "+1 turn" = 10 steps (so 50 microns) as opposed to a full rotation (500 microns)? if so, then u'd be at:

clean burr lock: 7.2
chirp: 8.9
pourover.... are you +1.8 from chirp or lock with your notation?

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#16: Post by alunare »

Sorry I realise my description wasn't clear

Let me try again, going counter clockwise:

7.2 is full lock
0.7 is end of chirping (beginning of chirping if you're going clockwise)
-> so that's +3.5 positions from lock (so 3.5 x 50microns)
8 to 0 is pour over I use
-> +10.2 to +12.2 from lock

I suspect my pour over setting is quite coarse


#17: Post by arekieh »

Just got my EG-1, swapped the Ultra burrs on immediately and getting the following:
- Full lock = 3
- Espresso = 6.5 - 7.0
- Aeropress = 9-11 (still experimenting, but i prefer the higher range, might try some at 12 to 13)

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#18: Post by Laddu »

So you guys are successfully using the Ultra burr set for espresso?

I tried at some point in the past to grind very fine with Ultra burrs, but it locked on me multiple times.


#19: Post by erik82 »

I've been using them for espresso for over 2 years for 3-6 shots per day. No problems here. I do have the SSP HU burrs bought directly from SSP but they should be the same as the Ultra burrs from LWW (looking at the pics from LWW and my burrs they're the same). RPM is set here to 600.


#20: Post by Laddu »

Interesting. Mine definitely locks. I just tried now, with about +0.5 past chirp sound and it locked immediately after pouring the beans. I had to go coarser about 5 full points to unlock it. I tried with 2 coffees...

LE: forgot to mention that my Ultras are brand new, not seasoned