Weber EG-1 110V versus 230V motor torque

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Does someone know if the 230 volt version applies more current to the motor so it has more torque at lower RPM or is that controlled by a controller ?

I have asked Weber but did not get any answer.

Would be nice to throw light roasted beans in the hopper and grind at low RPM for espresso without stalling the motor.


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BaristaBoy E61

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It's quite possible that the motor is in fact the same and only the controller is a different ac voltage. Perhaps a service manual with exploded diagrams and parts lists with parts numbers would reveal whether the motor is the same part number or not.
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I think the motor is the same between 120 and 230V. Afaik there is a switch on the back to choose voltage.

There is a controller electronics difference between v1 and v2.
The poster here with non stalling stores at light roast is v1.

I have a v2, and slow feed by reflex to avoid motor cut out. Whether this is the case for v3. I do not know