Weber Bean Cellar cap removal

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Sorry Not sure which Forum to put this in and seeing as Weber has lots of fans here, this might be it.

I just had the glass bean cellar delivered. Problem. I dont know how to open the cap. I know it is my stupidity! Can someone advice?



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It should just pull off. Your talking about the lid for the vile right?

Iconicred (original poster)

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Yes the cap for the vial.
It seems hard to just pull off. Let me try again

Iconicred (original poster)

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Sorry yes.... I can pull it off. Thanks!
I feel like an idiot now. Hahaha


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If it wasn't hard it wouldn't be airtight!

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It is a Weber product and I thought it was probably over engineered..... must have some scarcest button with a secret handshake to open it!


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I have coffee bean cellars from a different company as well as a grinder that require a bit of oomph to separate. I find that both are easier to separate by applying a twisting motion while lifting.

Of course, if your coffee bean cellars are made of glass, be careful no matter how you attempt to separate the cap from the container.


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I found that some of my tubes are difficult to open, and some are quite easy. I tried to swap caps and that didn't really help, so I'm going to surmise that the production tolerances for the tubes is greater than for the caps and O-rings. Secondary evidence of that is that one my tubes was cracked. Sadly, Weber didn't offer a replacement, saying that damage, whether from me or other circumstances, is why they include three spares. I gotta be careful, having only two...
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I had the resin one and after a while like about a yr. I normally just rinse with water and tiny soap after each use. I'm guessing the o rings dried up a bit or expanded. So I just lubricated a bit and now it's a bit easier to remove. But yes it comes off easier with twist and pull method


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I find a few of mine can be very difficult if trying to twist the top off like a bottle cap or pull straight up. I've gotten in the habit if just using my thumb to just push up on one edge and seems to be the ticket.