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Similar issue here. I paid more than $100 including shipping for 12 WW resin tubes. However I am not satisfied with the purchase because after few months of light use, the caps started to act wobbly and they are not sealing tightly anymore. Also, I found that resign tubes retain coffee smell compared to glass. So, I bought glass tubes with screw on caps from Aliexpress which are way cheaper and they feel better to me because they seal well and do not retain smell.

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Have the plastic cellars. After a while, the o-rings dry out and the tops become very hard to remove. A very little oil on a paper towel rubbed on the o-rings gets everything working well again.


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Should anyone be interested in purchasing spare o-rings, per Craig Lyn:
"The o-ring size is metric. 30mm inside diameter with a 2mm diameter."


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Just reiterating something that was said before - in the glass cellars the rubber o-ring can dry out and make opening and closing difficult. I use a very tiny amount of mineral oil on the rubber and that helps a lot.