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Yes I have had this happen as well I believe my number is 28. I also feel like the bottom of the dosing cup (magnet base) seems to be degrading pretty quickly if that makes sense.

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The orbit seems to offer an enormous amount of data collection and support to wide range of users.
I watch the Brian Quan video review and was surprised with the grinder information and control that is offered with the Acaia 2021 scale in conjunction with the App. Very Unique.
The design is very streamlined. No sharp edges. It doesn't overwhelm the senses like some other grinder designs have for me.
It seems to have very little retention which is an enormous plus.

I'm a little concerned with the 'possible difficulty' that seems to be initially shared in installing new burrs the Orbit.

My only discontent with its initial design is the plastic Hopper.
Has there been any notice that this might change to metal hopper in future Orbit models.?