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#221: Post by bonjing »

JDR wrote:It's funny you say this, I share the same sentiments.

I went from Niche to Key and I missed the dosing cup.

I now have the Orbit after owning the Key for almost a year, and I prefer the KEY workflow, especially after adding the dosing aperture.
mrmoon wrote:from a work flow perspective, i prefer the weber key. the build quality is also better on the key grinder.
How is the workflow different for you guys?


#222: Post by mikelipino »

I don't have the Orbit, but I'm working with someone that does to test a direct to portafilter design out. It has metal discs in the base to interface with the Orbit magnets and should also accommodate a basket funnel. If there's interest, I could update here as well. Might help folks that like the direct to portafilter workflow

Once we figure out the details, it should look like this


#223: Post by DownTheRabbitHole »

Pretty cool design with the direct to portafilter, would it still fit if you were to put the lunar below the holder?


#224: Post by p4lxrich »

Nice. I like it. Now when is the next round of orders for orbit?


#225: Post by mikelipino »

That's phase 2, wanted to get the base design figured out first. But next I need to track down a Lunar for some exact measurements, I have an idea on how it should be mounted but the tolerances would be tight


#226: Post by ethiopianbuffman »

Looks good. I think putting it on top of a lunar might be hard balancing wise. Having a place to put a magnet would be good so that it can balance when not using a scale.

I think also having the right height so you can use a funnel would be good too.

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#227: Post by mrmoon »

since both the unifilter and orbit has a flat base, you can pretty much just grind directly into that portafilter using a funnel on top


#228: Post by mikelipino »

The center of mass with a portafilter is well over the base, so thankfully it's pretty balanced and shouldn't tip. This does not change sitting on top of a scale, especially since I want a base to partially lock to the weighing plate.

Currently there is 2 cm clearance between the Orbit spout and the top of the portafilter. This should accommodate a regular funnel but likely not a big funnel (e.g. the Decent / Option-O funnels). It's easy enough to redesign to make it shorter, just wanted a balance between some space but not so much that grounds go everywhere if someone doesn't use a funnel.


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dammit. sold out in less than a min. i thought i was going pretty fast during checkout. forget this pos. lol


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Ha! You and me both and I was using apple pay. Not going to lie, I'll try again but if the lagom becomes available before the next drop the lagom it is. The wife likes the looks of the lagom better anyway. I would love to have a burr less option since I'd be changing the burrs anyway.