Wall mounted espresso grinder made from scrap parts

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#1: Post by fransg »

Peter van der Weerd from www.kafko.nl tells me how he got an old broken fully automatic "egro" espresso machine. He took it apart, set aside the rotation pump for later use and built his own wall mounted espresso grinder using parts of "egro" grinder segments of the automatic.

He made the wall mount himself, replaced the ball bearings, added a timer doser and a nice old "coffee" switch, added a hopper from another scrapped machine and now he has his own little handy espresso grinder to test the espresso machines which he repairs every day in his workshop:

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#2: Post by Bluecold »

That's so cool. And basically possible with any direct-drive grinder that has a grindchamber bolted to the motor instead of to the body.
Which is most grinders except for Mazzer basically.
Retention on the Egro grinder is pretty bad though. And look at the compressed ingot of grinds being extruded!
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#3: Post by FotonDrv »

It is still a creative way to deal with junked parts so it has generated a smile from me :)

What is that timer?
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fransg (original poster)

#4: Post by fransg (original poster) »

FotonDrv wrote:What is that timer?
It's a timer / dose from another "total loss" machine, salvaged and recycled into this project. I love the detail of the toggle switch which also has a ring with "COFFEE" engraved on it.