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#11: Post by Almico »

I just ordered one for the bar. We'll see.

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#12: Post by redbone » replying to Almico »

Looking forward to your feedback. Guess the E10 is getting displaced?
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#13: Post by Almico » replying to redbone »

The E10 will be moved to decaf duty. The E5 will be seeking a new home.

In my dreams I have 4 Mythos 2s, all in a row...

This is not easy for me. I typically go for low-tech, no screens or software gear. Having this machine right next to the hammered-copper lever will be a sight. But I've heard very good things about the Mythos line and decided to jump on board.

I like that I can play with burr temp and keep it constant when I want. I'm also happy about control grind speed. Experimenting with both will help fill the slower hours. Weight dosing is very nice icing on this cake.


#14: Post by frank828 » replying to Almico »

very interested to hear your thoughts after some time with the M2. Do you intend on using the grinder for fairly high volume?

When i saw it at trade shows last year I was really disappointed about the time it took to tare the gravimetrics and the price premium it came with.

I have a lot of experience with the Mythos 1 and love it. I havent felt the need to have larger burrs or change the RPMs...but i also dont have the capability or the burrs so can't completely say if those features dont justify the cost.

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#15: Post by Almico » replying to frank828 »

If I understand correctly, the first models had about a 7s tare delay. Supposedly that was improved. The one I saw at the show was about 4s. I figure it would be a shift in process. Through the PF in and press the button, then grab the milk pitcher and fill while it's grinding. Load the PF and steam concurrently. We'll see.

My bar is not steady high volume, but I do get peak periods. I overheard at coffee fest that many coffee shops pull shots at 10-15s just to speed production. I am not one off those. If it takes a minute or two to make the perfect drink, those that can't wait can move on.

To offset the tare time, during peaks maybe I could turn the auto-start feature off and just load an empty PF in the grinder right after taking a full one out.

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#16: Post by sweaner »

Almico wrote:I just ordered one for the bar. We'll see.
Who needs upgraditis when I can just visit Alan's place!
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#17: Post by DucaiMann »

Where did you get yours from? I can buy them from European countries, but not the US it seems?

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#18: Post by Almico »

NS is getting them in small batches for now. They should be readily available by May. Any NS distributor should be able to get them. I ordered mine through Chris' Coffee in NY.


#19: Post by mikemaddux »

Alan, does all of this mean you've moved on from your Fuji Royal R-220?

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#20: Post by Almico » replying to mikemaddux »

Nope, I use it for my pour over station.