Versalab M3 to M4 conversion significantly changed grind size setting

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Hi everyone. I just recently converted my versalab m3 to get more torque and also prevent from belt slippage to m4, using their conversion kit. I was surprised how much grind setting adjustment I had to make for my typical espresso shot. The previously used setting became much too fine. If you imagine a scale where 0 is where the burrs touch each other and 100 a coarse grind like for cold brew, I had to increase my grind size setting by about 25 to get my previous 30-35 sec run on my bosco using same type of coffee. I just wanted to share this observation. Btw, I have always liked this grinder but with this conversion it became a real beast.


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Not sure how how that works? Right now I am grinding close to touch or it probably is touching as it isn't silent, but how would the conversion change that?

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Intuitively, I would not expect any change in grind size by increasing "power of the grinder". Before conversion, I would sequentially feed the beans to prevent from jamming and belt slippage. Now I would just dump all the beans in, before turning on. This may play some role, but I am surprised by the degree of change of grind size.