Varia VS3

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#1: Post by hnns »

This just opened for pre-order, does anyone know any details or if it's any good?



#2: Post by marcism »

Now if the quality is good, then that price is fantastic. Watching with interest!

Team HB

#3: Post by ira »

It's using conical hand grinder burrs, so if the motor is powerful enough and they get the burrs aligned, it should be a fine inexpensive grinder, probably quite similar in quality to the Arco Goat convertible grinder. The company has at least one out of the box thinker, check out their multi brewer for an example. Odd that such a seemingly polished company with what might be good hand grinder has never shown up here before.


#4: Post by Jonk »

It looks inspired by the original Lagom Mini, perhaps using the style of "contemporary" burr found in Helor 101 / Option-O Remi geared more towards espresso.

Team HB

#5: Post by ira »

They show 3 burr choices so it might be able to do either.


#6: Post by Jonk replying to ira »

My interpretation was that it was just a choice of coating. But it might very well be possible to fit the 'conventional' or even 1Zpresso's scaled down heptagonal burr. The pictures look nice :)

Team HB

#7: Post by ira »

Funny you say that, looking at the pictures again, it looks like the same picture with the coating added by Photoshop. So maybe I'm wrong. But I see no point to three, just pick the best coating and offer coated or uncoated.

Capuchin Monk

#8: Post by Capuchin Monk »

marcism wrote: then that price is fantastic.
Promotional price tend to be lower. Once the promotion ends, it will likely go up.


#9: Post by babola »

Got a nod from the VS3 maker that few early units will start shipping exclusively to their distributors network for first look tests and reviews by the end of Sept, right on time before official first pre-order batch release in Oct.

I am super keen on it to complement my daily commercial grinder workhorse. Interested to finally see first hand what the SDG fuss is all about, however not so keen on a pre-order of a product based on photos and description alone, as we all know how the first foray into SDG from even a major player like Eureka ended up, with silent V2 tweaks that followed not long after.


#10: Post by babola »

That loud wining sound and the fact 20g dose requires over a min grinding on an electric grinder might put some people off the idea.
I know it's only 38mm conical and more of a case of an electrified hand grinder, but as an early riser I'm not sure I'd like to put my family members thru this in the mornings.
Would like to hear what others think/say.