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Little Brushes are great and they may be bent with a pliers too. They get into spots that are difficult at best. Good for groups too. Normally they are really cheap at harbor Freight. Only way to fly for a Rocky doserless. Dozen for a buck on sale. Different sizes too. They really help if you have a vacuum too.
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Ducatista wrote:Does someone have a suggested small vacuum for cleaning a grinder such as the CMH?

I've had a Black and Decker Dust Buster 14.4Volt for 3 years now. It and the battery still going strong. It easily sucks out all the grind beneath the lower burr of my SJ....under the star mechanism, etc. It has a small extension to the nozzle that gets into the smaller places. It's way more powerful than the old Dust Buster.
Easy to clean the plastic filter as well. It's permanent.
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Richard, I've got one of those "As Seen on TV" Sharks. Developed a bit of a problem with mine. Probably needs a new filter. Real fine grinds eventually saturate the cloth filter. This little vac still had tremendous sucking power. But it started spraying out real, real fine grinds through the exhaust vent. Tried shaking, washing the filter. Still a problem. The good is it is an inexpensive, relatively high power unit with a long, long chord. Just need to eventually pick up some fresh filter units.

Reverted to the very functional 1" natural bristle paint brush.
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Dirt Devil Kurv!
Big time suction, Small enough nozzle for tight places. Very high WAF. ... ?id=240247

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I've recently acquired one of the Dyson battery powered portable vacuums and while it costs way too much, it has lots of suction and even after lots of use, I've not seen any hint of dirt on the filter. It seems the swirly things do exactly what's claimed and emptying the basket is way too easy.



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I've got one of these too - it's big, but really works wonderfully.