Using a Compak K10 Fresh for french press

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struggled with search results to help on this and just got lazy so sorry of this covered elsewhere...

I have a 'spare' Compak K10 fresh (conical, espresso grinder yes...) that i'm offering a newbie to support some french press coffee experiments. (i exclusively do espresso, so be gentle)

If anyone has done this and can comment on work flow, getting dose correctly, affect on flavor profile vs. a flat.... would love some feedback. just wondering if i am helping or possibly just making this persons life miserable in an attempt to be nice. :-)

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Well, it's a learning experience at very little cost. You can only learn more. Time will tell if the K10 can grind coarse enough for French press.
Modifying dose and prep might produce some interesting results.

Good luck!
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ha thanx for that...

so i suspect a dosing cup of some sort - any thoughts on that - other than just get creative?...

scale to tweak what he puts into the press...

use a hario, like for pour over?