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#1: Post by Rabh »

Mines just arrived today, in London UK.

It's a pretty heavy box, and well packed.

I'm actually super happy with my current set of grinders (Lagom P64 & a Helor 106), so I'm tempted to just sell this on unused, rather than use it.

Anybody else get theirs?

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#2: Post by Milligan »

Look well packaged. Let us know what you think once you've had some time with it.

I didn't end up canceling. I tried but my card that I used had expired and they didn't offer a good solution to that. KS's support said they'd have to refund me through an outside method and then manually cancel the preorder. I decided it was too much bother. I did ask to be moved from the 078s to the 078.


#3: Post by theaaaa »

Mine arrived today too! (UK 078s white)

I've tried a couple of pourovers with good success. I kinda feel this thread has become a bit of a monster with pre-delivery speculation and was considering starting a new post with my experiences. Any one know what the etiquette is on this?

Edit: thank you for quick new thread mods!

So our very early experiences with pourover:

It's fine! It's perhaps a little rough around the edges but nutty, fairly clean but punchy and only a little astringency. Quite strong tasting? Aftertaste is a hint bitter but better than a niche zero - more nutty than carbony. I think pushing it to 1:20 wasn't great on hindsight but I'm used to my SSP cast 64mm which work well with that. No signs of stalling, no sign of excessive fines.

Overall very happy for a first drink! Espresso may be a disaster, who knows?, but it's absolutely usable for us. It looks and feels amazing. The hopper is terrible and popcorning is a big problem without the lid.

The SSP Cast were were absolutely more astringent than this before a few kg had been through)

(Brew details: Colombian washed in a Timemore B75, 1:20 brew ratio, 95c, setting 13, 3:30 total time)

Also tried a decaf. Very lovely, preferred to our usual SSP Cast and far fewer fines. Very happy. First time I've had a sensible drawdown with decaf :)

Retention is incredibly low even without RDT. 0.1g low even without the touching the fines catcher.


#4: Post by oldskoo1 »

Got mine too. In short exceptional.

But I think I will wait for others with more experience to post.

My comparison is the 78s vs the sage barista pro grinder. It is literally a totally different cup (espresso) taste, like I have a completely different bag of beans.

The beans in question are a lighter roast from hasbean, roasted 7 days ago. Night and time more clarity and separation through the flavours. I am not a connoisseur and never pretended to be able to identify the suggested flavours on the bag, nor did I think a grinder would make this much difference, but it has. Significantly better and I'm not even dialled in fully yet.

Input vs output, i.e. retention, after using the knocker I typically got within 0 and 0.2g of the input. Some static in the dosing cup, power button could be more solid considering the very solid build quality (i.e. you need to be very central with each press to ensure it registers). Had the odd bean caught as identified by and under dose on the output, needed to restart the grind to clear it through.

Dealt with the designated acidic lighter roast incredibly well. Touch point is -0.5 on the dial (I moved the 0-point calibration pin 1 to the left to check this) therefore I left it at factory default of 0. Have not tested alignment yet.

Grinding at 1,200 rpm or around 12-o'clock. Motor does take a second or so to get up to full RPM but I did a warm start each grind anyway.

Machine chocked at a setting of 2, again at 4 and ran way too fast at 6.5. I'm at around 5.4 now with a slightly too fast shot but the results are night and day better than the sage (keep in mind the printed range for espresso is 0-5 printed on the dial and this is a light roast). I'll refine more in the morning.

I'd be interested to know from the more accomplished people who have decent grinders already what they think. I'm thrilled and cannot wait to "re-try" my favourite lighter roasts.


#5: Post by howdy-doo »

Did post this in the other thread but I'll post it here as well:

So I just received my 78s and pulled my first shot. Full disclaimer, I'm not a straight espresso drinker, I drink almost exclusively flat whites.

Saw people saying generally around 2/3 was right for espresso, so put it at 2.5 aiming for 1:2.5 at ~30 seconds with 18g dose. I used my normal routine for WDT, and used a puck screen as this is just my normal way to do it. Almost 0 retention, with the clicker I got 17.8g out and it was about 17.9/18g that went in, though I did use a small spray of water as again this is my normal process but I'll definitely try without on the next one. Two beans did stick to the chute but it wasn't a big deal. First shot came out at 27 seconds for 45g out at 800rpm so thought I'd give that a try. There was definitely some channeling, but in all honesty nothing I'm going to worry about too much, I'm not about to waste a lot of coffee seasoning, and for me it's much less than was being described in online reviews. Espresso-wise, I'd definitely need to dial this coffee in more, it did have some sourness, but as I say I'm a flat white drinker so my ratio I was aiming for was for taste in a milk drink. In a flat white, I probably do need to grind slightly finer but already taste-wise it's more mellow than my previous grinder (Arco) and more fruit focussed where I would describe the Arco as being more traditional in taste.

Overall I'm really happy, the noise is incredibly quiet, the clicker is actually louder than the grinder when grinding beans. Build quality seems excellent from first inspection, everything feels very premium. I'm excited to see what the RPM change will mean for taste, but so far so good.

Obviously take this review with a bit of a pinch of salt, I literally only pulled one shot given it seemed to be in acceptable range and tried it, and for espresso only drinkers I'd likely just disregard this post entirely as you'll likely have a higher bar to hit than my milk drinks!


#6: Post by theaaaa »

A bit of an update to my last post: This morning I tried espresso. Firstly the zero point was wayyyy off chirp, so I reset that which is very straightforward. Moved 3 pins finer.

Using a Lelit Elizabeth v3 at 6.5bar, medium roast in a Lelit factory tapered basket, WDT and a puck screen. first two shots choked. 3rd was 40s. 4th was 20s. Both undrinkable. Very harsh and just nasty. Both would be no issue and consistent with our DF64v with SSP cast.

Clean up was a disaster. Pucks had completely disintegrated. Obvious channeling and cracking which is the first time I've ever seen like that with a puck screen! Needed a spoon to clean the basket. Not going to waste any more good coffee, it's just completely unusable for espresso for us as reported by many reviewers. I found some years old beans on eBay a few weeks back so I probably have enough to season it which I'll probably do. Still happy we pledged for it. It's a lovely thing to use and look at and the pourovers are very tasty but perhaps this is the price you pay for such a cheap large burr. If it can get the balance it manages for pourover for espresso after seasoning it will be fantastic.

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#7: Post by Milligan »

I wouldn't be too disheartened with the espresso performance right out of the box. Either enjoy the pour overs for a few months and try again or blow through some seasoning grinds. Glad to hear you like the 078S for pour over.


#8: Post by howdy-doo »

Third shot pulled today and aside from one channel (nothing out of the ordinary) mine has been functioning fairly well, pucks all appear the same as any other 'good' pull, I'm just going to carry on using it as is and see. Second and third drinks were ground without RDT and there were no beans stuck in the hopper and the same retention as before, I just needed to use the clicker a few more times.

It's still very early days so I'll make sure to post an update again after another week or two to see if my experience continues but all I can think of for now if perhaps I'm more heavy handed on the WDT tool? Logically there shouldn't be a reason for grounds in and of themselves to cause channeling if all else is equal. Maybe the grinder just produces more/less fines whilst not worn in, and so more WDT will reduce pockets of concentrated fines and will mix the grounds more consistently causes less channeling? May be an alignment problem and I got lucky? Who knows, as I say it's very early so we'll see if it's all downhill from here.

My grinder was also not zero'd correctly. I had to move the little grub screw 3 holes back to hear chirp, so I've left it at 2 further back than how it arrived, so my espresso grind has moved from 2.5 to 4.5.


#9: Post by theaaaa »

Don't worry, minimal disheartenedness here :) I've had a few grinders, I'm confident enough in my technique not to take the bad results personally and I was definitely prepared for this eventuality. I was a bit surprised just how bad the puck integrity was but kinda feel big burrs needing lots of seasoning is just how it is. It's a huge burr in a solid grinder for considerably less than a Malkhonig x54 or something there's going to be tradeoffs :)


#10: Post by oldskoo1 »

One thing I'm finding is I need extremely small adjustments to get where I want to be.

eg 3 to 4 is choke to fast flow. I'm having to tweak very slightly in this middle ground. I'll get there but that just surprised me.

0 point was pretty much bang on from factory. Not sure about alignment. I'm getting a very nice bed but some sticking so wdt is needed.