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epoon2 wrote:Hi all,

the inner screw coupling the lower burr carrier with the motor shaft loosens itself all the time.... at least in mine

* any fix?
* would it affect the coffee performance?
* would it hurt the burrs?

any idea?

Contact Niche should definitely not be happening and yes definitely not good for anything... After hearing all these issues I might even be bold to request a refund. Because there is definitely some problems and Niche should perhaps consider making a recall as many seem to have noticeable issues with their grinders.
jwCrema wrote:The motor shaft does not spin true on the Duo like other grinders I've owned. It is about .5mm out of true on mine; this is the cause of the shaking in my machine. Espresso or filter carrier will have the same result.

I am going to contact Niche. If I don't get resolution from the manufacturer I'm done with this machine.
Anything other then a grinder replacement would imho be unacceptable, I'm baffled with how poor and none existent QC there been on this grinder.

Right now I can't really recommend it to anyone it's more like a stay away from it until they sort this out!

It's recall worthy issue especially as so many seem to suffer the same issues as calibration incorrect, shaking grinders, bolt on lower carrier unscrewing itself.


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Anyone got a similar experience as mine? Or it's just that the one I got only...?


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There other who reported it yes, just as there other who reported some noticeable shaking issues and incredibly many who reported wrongly calibrated.


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I preordered my Duo in early July and received it in early August (it was stated as planned for end of Aug). I did not experience any quality issue at all. packaging was strong and grinder properly protected. I actually use the espresso burr only and used it with different roasted coffee (medium essentially).

It works like a charm since day 1, no excessive noise, no vibration, no screw popping out, no false squaring. There is also very low static electricity and my experience is really 20g in, 20+- 0.1g out. Most of the time this is a lack of scale precision. But to eject the 0.1g, I give a small tap on the exit pipe and that is it!

there might have been quality issues with some batches, but mine (I am in the EU), at the moment, is delivering service as promised.

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I have had Duo for about two and a half months now and have not found the lower burr screw to loosen up by itself, although you don't have to use much force to unlock it. Duo shakes a bit more than Zero, but the rotating lower burr is also bigger. I don't find it to be a problem in my case.

I have not experienced grind changing suddenly to coarser or finer by itself. Grinding did change recently after cleaning the filter burrs and not taking a note of what the upper burr position was before removing it. I think it should have been put in the same position as it was before.

Here's a clip of my Duo spinning without the upper burr. The screw is not centered, but the shaft seems to spin ok.


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This sort of misalignment that one mentions would also be noticed in consistency and unreliability in grind settings.. it's unlikely to go unnoticed. If your grinder is consistent there unlikely to be any severe issues, there might be some minor misalignment but it's unlikely to be that bad.

I just cleaned mine and my screw is firmly locked and there no noticeable misalignment on the center axis, but I haven't checked the runout so obvious don't know, but don't really feel like checking it as my grinder is dead on consistent. The only issue I had was the poorly done zeroing otherwise I think it work as it should.

I don't know if the other issues is mainly US batches or the dual burr option. But if you have issues always contact them its the only way niche find out if there is indeed a problem with certain batches that might need a recall or if it's just individual units.


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There is a slight wobble that most people would probably not notice unless they are really picky like me. I think it's due to the fact that the lower carrier is not balanced - it has a single sweeper with no counterweight. Other than that, it makes awesome espresso.


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It has 3 sweepers not one


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he is talking about the single aero blade underneath the lower's what stops coffee getting trapped under there and helps clear the chamber effectively at the very slow running speed for a flat burr.


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Oh that one, gotcha. It perhaps should been specified a bit more clearly which part of the carrier he referred too.