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#541: Post by njtnjt » May 11, 2019, 8:01 am

NelisB wrote:Luca, thanks a lot!! This post should be a sticky and everybody here on HB should read it.
Agreed. This is exactly the circumstance I found myself in after having a game changing espresso at a cafe. I came home and improved my techniques. The equipment I own is already past "good enough".

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chipman wrote:You hope to get one. There are people who have tried and failed for three years to win the lottery
please do not be negative.
This world is too short to not be happy. I hope you find joy in life.


#543: Post by Eliz » May 11, 2019, 2:12 pm

chipman wrote:You hope to get one. There are people who have tried and failed for three years to win the lottery
I remember you. You are the one that is happy about your EG-1 and HG-1. congratulations on your grinders!

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#544: Post by NelisB » May 11, 2019, 3:32 pm

Less than 90 minutes!!!


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At 5:02 pm ET, I clicked on Add to cart and next page, no items in cart. :-(


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Eliz wrote:please do not be negative.
This world is too short to not be happy. I hope you find joy in life.
Wow! Your reply was a little extreme, don't you think? That said, I hope you got your grinder.

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#547: Post by Jake_G » Jul 21, 2019, 2:01 am


It seems that I'm a little late the party here, but since I was a user of a Monolith Flat Max from May 31st through July 20th, I thought I'd add my experience here.

First, a little background:

I've had SSP burrs in my super Jolly for a year now and I aligned the lower burr to within 11 microns and used the dry erase method to get the upper burr dialed in back in early March of this year. I single dose this grinder and use RDT, palm taps and a brush to keep the chute clean. Retention in my SJ after a few months is right at 5g (disassemble, brush clean, weigh what came out) with 90% of that being non-exchange buildup in the nooks and crannies and the other 0.5g being an actual candidate for stale coffee exchange when grinding, with output being within +/- 0.2g of input for any given dose. So, it does pretty good given the inherent challenges of single-dosing a commercial doser-equipped grinder. Overall, I've been pleased with the performance of my humble Mazzer in the cup.

So, what does going from a grinder that generally gets eye rolls these days to the end-all, be-all Flat MAX? Well, its complicated because MAX is my first experience with a single-dosing grinder, so it's hard to be objective about the individual performance aspects of the grinder when you're just sort of blown away by the fact that it even exists. Nithing about this grinder is a realistic expectation for a thing that is made with the purpose of grinding coffee. It's just mind blowingly well engineered and constructed.

Given all that above, workflow is just absurdly better in every possible way than what I'm used to. The ginormous burrs spin slowly, and overall grind time was about a gram per second, which sounds slow. But then you realize that while my grinder can chew through 18g in less than 8s, I still have to spend another 20s at a minimum tapping, pulsing and brushing to try and get all the coffee fragments into the burrs and all the ground coffee out of the chute. With MAX, you turn it on, dump your spritzed beans into the safety cap, wait 20s and puff Mr. Puff a couple times and you're done. Like done done. You can pull the magnetic spout off if you want, and there might be 0.1g of coffee built up around the 4 beautifully machined sweepers, and a little dust or chaff, but that's it.

So, Monolith workflow makes Jake a Happy Home Barista.

I mentioned spritzing.

Here's why:
Image: First Attempt - Forgot RDT and Funnel...

Ok. Let's try this again...
Image: Monolith MAX Matterhorn

Much better.

So, RDT and a Funnel are kind of requisites for using this grinder. Luckily Denis ships each and every grinder with a spritzing bottle and a funnel... I pulled a few shots without doing WDT when I had company over and the shots looked fine, but in general I do WDT every time.

Since I already use RDT, a funnel and WDT I could think of no constructive criticism relative to the workflow and daily use of MAX as an espresso grinder, which is all I drink at home. In this respect, it's just better than anything else I've used in every way that matters.

I'll put together some more thoughts on dialing in and taste over the next couple of days as I enter into the dark stretches of withdrawal and identify what I miss about MAX while I get reacquainted with my SJ. I was of the opinion that I liked the performance of my grinder on May 30th of this year...


- Jake


#548: Post by RobindG » Jul 21, 2019, 4:12 am

Can't wait for part deux!

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#549: Post by Denis » Jul 21, 2019, 6:48 am

Not related to Kafatek but to mazzer. Jake are you aware of this? This was one of my grinder 1 y old bought new.


#550: Post by Bunkmil » Jul 21, 2019, 8:14 am

Is that a custom made 3d printed funnel?