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Your post really makes me want to run some through my Rocky. I've been feeling some of your stale coffee oils sentiment at my place. I know the Dancing Goats my girlfriend brings home should taste a little better.

Its a bit more convenient now with the new smaller home user size I'd rather not spend the big bucks on a huge jar which will take me years to go through.
mobleyfan wrote:I finally got around to trying some Grindz. It had been a while since I cleaned out the ole mazzer mini mostly because I never found much dirt in there when I did. After cleaning with Grindz I noticed an immediate and substantial improvement in the quality of my espresso. In fact I got the first satisfying shots out of my new Silvia. I have a feeling that the product removed some stale coffee oils that were dragging down my shots. They were flat and dull tasting, now the proper brightness is ringing through.
David White