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I've reached out to both Seattle Coffee Gear and WLL in the past, and they did have a few sets of the Pro burrs in stock they would sell separately, but only a few. I purchased an extra set this way. I am curious about the 75mm SSP burrs too, but have seen little written about them. I also would love to see a comparison between the Pro and EK43 burrs for brew as I think their geometries and designs are similar, although the EK's are of course larger.


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Okay I reached out to Elektros in Italy, they can order a set of pro burrs, all in all it will be about $250 pretty steep


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Still, sounds like a good deal.


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Yeah i got the grinder for $470 on eBay, so it would still be okay within my overall grinder budget

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I gave away my atom pro to a family member. I have since been using a Ceado with 83mm compak burrs. Lately I've been making more immersion/brew coffee.

I had never made this coffee on anything other than the atom pro before. In comparison I see a ton of fines from my compak k8 burrset. I only now realize how great the atom pro burrset is, even though I do not enjoy the adjustment dial on the atom pro.

Has anyone used an atom75 and atom pro? The dial on the atom pro is a turn once to achieve all settings kind of knob. Which makes it hard to dial in for espresso. It looks like the atom75 knob is set to have many revolutions in between espresso and brew levels. Is this correct?

I bought an extra atom pro burrset because I liked it so much. I'm trying to figure out if I should buy a cheap atom75 to put these in, or if I should try and find a used kafatek flat, and put the atom pros in that.

The espresso was hard to dial in on the atom pro. I think a triple basket, or sub 58mm basket helps a lot for this burrset when making espresso. Having a grinder with a bit more resolution on the dial would likely also help, which is why I ask the above.

At this rate i think I'll also grab 83mm MP burrs and see how they fair in my ceado.