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Thanks, that is good to know. It would be used for pour over only. I have dedicated grinder for espresso.


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I keep the burrs almost touching (-20). I only change the amount of coffee in the basket. I also managed to choke machine with darker beans. With lighter beans I have to use paper under grounds to gain more restriction. Triple baskets work better. I tried also regular 74mm burrs, but I like the clarity more. It happens rarely not to get any pressure, but happens. I mainly roast full city. I target 6bar. Seems to work very well that way. No channeling, just delicious turbo shots. I didn't like the cheap lower carrier holding nut from aluminium, so I changed it to brass like older models had. Also I used teflon tape to improve carrier tolerance, electrical tape to close all air openings in the grinder chamber to make bellows more effective. I rdt, no rust yet after 2 months.


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I just joined the Atom Pro club
I purchased it specifically for filter coffee as I have a EG-1 (MK1?) for espresso

Not a lot of beans through it yet but I feel I am going to really like it. Its built like a tank, way heavier than I thought it would be. I wanted something simple, no fancy electronics to go bad. This fits the bill because it is on, or it is off :)

I have a little bit of static but I think I got it settled with a metal dosing cup.

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I find RDT definitely reduces static for the Atom Pro. Also, there are two different anti-clumping attachments to choose from, one for filter and one for espresso, explained around time 4.50 in this video here: Finally, I find static often depends on the kind of beans I'm using as some are more powdery than others and the temperature and moisture in the air. It seems like when it's winter time and the furnace is on in my house this causes the air to be dryer and more static to result. While warmer moist air produces less static.

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I find I get a lot of static at brew settings. At espresso settings I get some, but not as much. Not sure if that makes sense. As mentioned before I layered a strip of parchment paper into the chute (underneath the rubber top). I didn't do any definitive testing but I think it helps the static.

To each his own with rdt. I'm not sure it's necessary - but I guess that's subjective. Id definitely be worried about prematurely rusting the burrs/carrier/etc though.


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I as well got a lot of static with coarser grind. I loosened up the screw a bit holding the crusher. I think the material should be softer. Now no gloggs, much less statc, no clumps even at -20. Also hot start and opening bean gate while motor running was a game changer for lesser retention. Adding beans when motor stopped will grind first beans with less rpm and some have said it affects repeatability to be less.

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Interesting about the effect of loosening the clump crusher. I might try that. I've also seen some people remove the crusher altogether. I always start the grinder with the hopper gate closed, then let the beans fall--a hot start. I wish there was a single dose or smaller hopper for the Pro that had a gate, one that could hold, say 80 grams of coffee. I think the current one holds 300 grams--too much for my needs. The most detailed discussions I've found of the Atom Pro have been on Kaffee-Netz: ... ro.125150/ The posts are of course in German, but I've used Google Translate on some. Most there seem to favor it for brew as opposed to espresso, and I agree. But I wonder if loosening the crusher or adjusting it might work better for espresso. I may try as you suggest.