Unable to change conical burr in Baratza Preciso

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Hello everyone,

I am trying to replace the conical burrs of my Baratza preciso following instructions online. However, it seems impossible to loosen / unscrew the burrs from the metal pole and plastic drive shaft, no matter how hard I try. Any advice?


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Hello VCH,
I have a Virtuoso Preciso that I have rebuilt and yours looks like the same setup.
If the gearbox upside down, rest it on something that will give it a bit of support, but allow for the burr to drop out. I use a couple of towels, twisted and made in the shape of a donut.
Gentle tap on the shaft, might have to give it a bit of force to get it moving. The big gear will come off the shaft, once off you can use a wrench to remove the shaft from the burr, I just hold the burr with one of the towels.
Baratza has some videos posted on youtube of the disassembly and reassembly.

Be careful while removing the shaft, there are a number of shims that setup the distance of the burr. Not a major disaster if you don't put them back in the exact same location/order, it will just change your zero point and/or cause a slight loss of range of adjustment.