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longpvo wrote:This one would be interesting though, horizontally mounted 64mm burr sets, I have some doubt in regard to ultra light nordic roast.
Can you elaborate on why you have doubt?


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Espressoman007 wrote:No, no, Uniterra. I am familiar with it. But the one where that person is making espresso at the end of the video, not the one on the photo, white. It's in the title, Tank espresso maker...but I've never seen that before, it looks cool and simple!

Looks like this guy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbtBGIFNYd8
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Yes, but he did not know how to use that air pump, so the pressure is very low.


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Any better videos of it in use. His main complaint was pre-heating which does look annoying...
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eltakeiteasy wrote:Looks like this guy: video
Principle looks the same, but the machine definitely is not. Stand is visibly different. It's basket only, without a portafilter. Now, when I watched the video again, there was one thing that I found interesting, steaming? Looks like it's coming from a pressure pot, like those Indian projects, but more powerful, or that partly visible pot is not a part of the steaming device. To me those two look more interesting than the grinder itself which is the focal point of the video, lol.



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Frankly the steamer looks like a pressure pot with a steam arm. One can only complement the creativity!


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As far as I know, this little ultra is a 'portable' grinder (very light and can work with battery).