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#1: Post by boshk »

Has anyone been able to order the Ultra grinder from Zhang in China recently?

I know most of you guys/girls in US go through Ultracraft but they are always out of stock.

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#2: Post by Jeff »

From what I understand, Zhang is getting a lot of regional demand. Between a couple break-ins, damage from the ice storms in Texas, and supply-chain challenges, Eric shut off orders earlier this year as he didn't want to take money with uncertain delivery dates. He's good at getting back with me when I ping him, so you may want to contact him through LeverCraft.

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#3: Post by mbeck »

I tried to contact LeverCraft a couple times, both here and through their website/e-mail, and got no response. Granted I could have followed up a few more times, but focusing on other vendors now. Still, if anyone hears back I'd appreciate any info.