UK parts list: Mignon Specialita Single Dose Mod

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Firstly all credit to @dak for this mod. Everyone know his amazing post and video here: Eureka Mignon Specialita Single Dosing Modification

But I found it hard to get the parts for his mod in the UK and spent a lot of time searching for the right pipe and O-ring.

So I thought I'd post a list here to make it easier for anyone else in the UK. Pics attached. I went for a turkey baster just for aesthetics. It doesn't work unless I also have the square O-ring / gasket in place to cover the 1/4mm gap left between the grinder collar and the pipe..

Gasket - 40mm internal diameter, square profile with a groove on the underside ... UTF8&psc=1

Pipe - 1" plain pvc socket - perfect for an 18 gram dose. Can fit up to 20 at a push. ... p_623.html

Turkey baster - pricey one off amazon just because... ... UTF8&psc=1
(you can definitely find the baster cheaper and most standard ones will fit in the pipe - but I liked the look of this one and it's very thick rubber so I hope will last)

Now have seriously zero retention and it just takes a couple of pumps on the baster handle to push through the remaining grounds with the grinder running. Thank you @dak.

Total cost - 17.50 GBP

First post - so go easy on me.