Turkish electric grinder recommendations

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I've sort of settled into a filter coffee vs turkish coffee routine. My 1Zpresso JX is a bit of a chore to grind super fine with - it's do-able but difficult.

Wondering if anyone's gotten any electric-powered alternatives for single dosing and near zero retention that can do sub-espesso grinding. Key is that I want to spend under 300 dollars. Was looking on Ali Express and also at the Urbanic 070 for lower cost options.

Part of me just wishes there was an electronic conversion for my JX. the single dosing is awesome on these han grinders. I used to own a breville / sage smart grinder pro and the retention was unbearable and led to a lot of stale brews.


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You could always attach an electric drill to your hand grinder. I doubt the Urbanic can really grind as fine as your 1zpresso. I got an old turkish hand grinder that works perfectly but also takes a lot of time. But you can get them cheap and then you risk nothing when turning them with a drill.

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Under $300 - I'd use a blade grinder for Turkish.

Seriously. Just keep pulsing it on/off and keep shaking it until everything is the consistency of talcum powder.

An electric grinder that is truly capable of Turkish is closer to $3000 than $300.

Yes, there are inexpensive electric grinders that some folks claim work for Turkish, e.g., Capresso Infinity - but they're not going to be as good as a blade grinder - for only Turkish. They'll be better than a blade grinder at any other grind setting.

That being said, I usually use a Sozen hand grinder for Turkish.
- bigger flat burr makes always better grinding result than smaller one - H. Lee

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I agree with all above. I use a Monolith flat with SSW burrs but if that was not in my coffee budget I would go the hand grinder route plus a drill (Which I did before I felt ok with spending more on my coffee hobby/habit).

https://www.specialtyturkishcoffee.com/ ... der-black/

This is just under your $300 budget. Spending enough on a good drill is easily justified and will make it easier as well.

Pro tip about your budget: This place is very good at encouraging spending gobs of money on coffee.
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If it has to be an electric grinder you need one with stepless adjustment. The Lelit PL 43 MMI is a very cheap grinder with conical burrs and stepless adjustment. I don't know how fine it will grind but I guess it should work. The Bezzera BB005 is probably better but also more expensive.
I got an old turkish hand grinder which really surprised me with the quality of the grind. It's probably over 50 years old and you can adjust grind size but only in a very narrow area only for turkish.

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https://www.seattlecoffeegear.com/turki ... ee-grinder

You may be able to fit a variable speed drill to the crank shaft.
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