Turin SD-40

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#1: Post by j_bravo14 »

Any inputs from HB users? I just got mine last week and its working well so far for my dark roast beans espresso.

Still getting used to the notched grinder settings compared to DF64 as the espresso range marking in the SD-40 is a too narrow.

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#2: Post by CoffeeSeeker »

Just got mine a few days ago. Build quality seems very good. Heavy little thing lol. Compared to a Baratza Encore and Sette, I appreciate the lack of plastic and the MUCH quieter grinding. It's definitely not as fast as a Sette, but grind quality seems good. I'm enjoying the filter coffee quite a bit.

I plan to do a deeper dive a little later this week on the espresso side. I would agree that the suggested grind range is pretty small. Fingers crossed.


#3: Post by CoffeeSeeker »

Really enjoying the grinder so far. I'm using it as my dedicated decaf espresso grinder at my roastery. Probably only a handful of shots per day, so nothing strenuous. Dialed in quickly and I've been able to switch from one bean and grinder setting to another with good repeatability. Shots are comparable to my Sette, which makes sense given the burr similarities.

I've not tried anything too lightly roasted, so there may be some issues there given the stepped adjustments.

It's a quiet, nice looking single dose machine, with good grind quality, at an attractive price point. No regrets thus far.