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malling wrote:If a product needs to be modded then there is an issue, it really shouldn't be a debate. No issues = no modding needed, meaning as close as flawless as possible. Whether an individual find minor modding acceptable for price is really another thing but it doesn't make it flawless or without issues, as that's the usual reason for mods to fix things.

I'm out, its pointless going on.
Whilst I disagree with the idea that everyone should cut the declumper I think the point that is trying to be made is when people do mod and it doesn't perform as they expect they blame the grinder. I always advocate for using the grinder as intended for an extended period of time before considering doing mods. That way you get to know it and truly understand how it works. Unfortunately some people get the grinder and mod it day one. Happened with the DF64 and now happening with the DF83.

Also nothing is truly flawless.

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tompoland wrote:A local roastery and cafe are using the DF83 in their commercial environment and discovered that they had more clogging of the chute without the decplumper. Which makes sense: the job of the declumper is to ... declump.

But the difference may be that they are using the grinder for higher volumes than with home use.
I'm trying to understand how this is possible. Declumpers add resistance and increase retention.

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Declumpers can also help/aid in dissipating static - I'm not saying that this is what is happening with the DF83, but it does happen in other grinders, e.g., Mythos, K30 - when used in a commercial environment (not single-dosed, and no RDT).
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I guess if you aren't grinding in bulk, the static should dissipate from one grind to the next, and the retention will exchange, as opposed to accumulate? But during longer/multiple duty cycles the static may not subside, and a clog may ensue?


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Exactly right. That is why sometimes people are reporting issues of clogging when grinding in bulk and they have removed the declumper.


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they also declump. kind of what they are meant to do :D
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This conversation is useful to me, as a newbie. Agreements and disagreements included. I strongly agree with allowing for time to get to know a new, expensive machine/grinder, and letting one's experience & techniques evolve.

Still within one month of using new DF83 v2, one day I ended up trying to grind into a bag for some reason and accidentally impeded the outflow just a tad with how I held the bag, having filled the top metal feeder almost up to the bellows with unweighed beans: near instant clog and grinder came to a halt.

Immediately I wanted to look into modding. After first declog effort (removed top burr, brushed, banged, knocked loose grinds), it clogged again with 18g of beans because I hadn't gotten all the clumps out of the chute/declumper. Really wanted to rag on the grinder, but with improved cleaning/declogging, it's been working fine again.

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You and other readers should be aware that Frankie4 has a financial interest in these grinders.


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not sure if you have bought something yet but id recommend the df64v. way quieter than the 83

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Yes, I already bought the DF83 v2, and while I have no point of compare, it continually shocks me how loud it is. A few feet away is a screen door to the backyard and every time I use the grinder for 10sec (generally 18g doses), I feel self-conscious about neighbors hearing the unpleasant noise. Some sort of hard rubber mat, like a speaker wedge, should help a bit.

I'm also having a problem with the bellows causing grinds to fly from the OEM cup (though it's a nice tall cup). I've felt compelled to awkwardly curl one hand around the gap between the chute and the cup, while the other hand smacks the bellows.

@Jeff : I think it's very important to know about financial interests, especially when not apparent. Shouldn't that be part of one's profile or signature?
@Frankie4 : I don't discount your opinions. It's just a suggestion, that you make that continually apparent.