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They're titled: 83 mm Mazzer Major, ZM Multi usage (ESPRESSO,BREWING) on SSP's site, but out of stock. Could be that they're not currently produced. Perhaps if they receive enough requests there might be a new batch?


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Jonk wrote:There is one already:
(well, like the precursor UM, perhaps more challenging for espresso)
The problem with the picture on SSP sales sites is it hasn't been throughout updates for years. Some burrs has seen some modifications since those pictures where taken, the names has been changed and burrs he makes aren't even mentioned other then on the purchase list, and often these don't correspond to the start page showing the burrs. I'll generally recommend contacting Hansung to be absolutely clear you actually get what you want.

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Here is a picture of my standard mazzer major burrs and the ssp major burrs I got a few years ago.

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Just a heads up for folks looking to use this for both espresso and filter, there are complaints (mine included) about the excessive amount of fines it produces. I can't make pourover with it. I'm sure there are plenty who can, and keep in mind the bias that those with issues will post more than those without, but it's something to consider. Apparently it's a known issue with the declumper causing the grounds to be re-ground before exiting the chute. I ordered a new declumper from Camperista on Etsy. Hopefully that fixes it. This is my first espresso grinder, and for that it seems great.


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As Lance Hedrick's mentioned in his review, removing the declumper all together stops the regrinding and reduces the amount of fines, making it much better for filter.
I've done it myself and don't feel the need to try any other declumper out there. Static is nothing like it is with the DF64. Very manageable. Grind settings are also lower now which points to less fines.
The only thing to be aware about is the possible damage to the chute cover during the process or losing a screw inside the grinder.
It's not a difficult mod but it needs to be done with care.
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Isn't there a chance of ground coffee getting into the motor if it's totally removed? I think Joe from espresso outlet said that in the DF83 Facebook group. Something about the declumper creating a seal. But he did say removing one of the declumpers was fine. I'll try to dig that up. I should've tried that before buying something new, though. Thank you for that tip

edit: Joe says remove one and cut the other but doesn't recommend getting rid of both because they help seal the grinder


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Ie, it needs the declumper as a gasket but the portion in the chute can be completely cut out.


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I didn't use any shims when I removed the declumper on my DF83. The chute screwed on firmly without the screws protruding inside the burr chamber. I'll remove the chute cover at some point this week to inspect but it seemed fine at first glance.
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I have the 151G burrs.
To answer some questions; these burrs have a large outfall.

Just did some feeler gauge measuring ( i dont have access to nice calipers right now, I will probably run by a machine shop to see if they can measure for me)

But it looks like the outfall of each burr is around .05mm/ 500 microns.

Well I've tried to make espresso and to be expected the only thing I can do is turbo - spro over.
16/60 was 16 seconds with an AP bottom filter. And this was about 15/20 microns off chirp.

The coffee is very clear, sweet and clean. Tastes like very well extracted high tds filter coffee.

Filter coffee is very clear, low body/ texture/ mouthfeel, high acidity, that presents around the sides of the tongue with a gentle intro/ transitions of flavors (but not sharp like ditting54mm can be)

I am remembering why I love these burrs for filter coffee.

These really remind me of my ghost burrs but with higher clarity.

My ghost burrs have similar acidity presentation, acidity can be VERY high, but it is never sharp, or edgy.

This is all in context of (most directly) to ditting steels in a Vario, big boi ghost burrs (96mm OD, 35mm ID) italmill 47/48mm hand grinder, and a Lido E (etzinger burr, similar geo as ZP6 burr)
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I have some experience with a DF64 warming up or even getting hot after grinding back to back. I understand this is common and may not cause any issue for pour overs or coarser grinds.

I'm purchasing a DF83 and I'm wondering if it has the same warm up or heating issue or if any of you DF83 owners have experienced any heating up of the grinder. If so, has it impacted shot to shot grind consistency or espresso consistency?

I might use the DF83 for semi-commercial purposes as well, would you advise against this?