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drumm1089 wrote:not sure if you have bought something yet but id recommend the df64v. way quieter than the 83
With the stalling issues it might just be worth waiting for the classic V2 that tend to adress the main issue about 6 months after the V1 release lol

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That Frankie4 is "affiliated with the distribution of the DF grinders in Australia" (in their own words) was addressed at Turin DF64V Disappointment

That post also covers the site guidelines that relate to general restriction on participation by vendors, shills, and the like outside of Marketplace and threads clearly identified as "Promo".

With Frankie4's posting across multiple threads, apparently this thread was missed.

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SkyBlip wrote:
I'm also having a problem with the bellows causing grinds to fly from the OEM cup (though it's a nice tall cup). I've felt compelled to awkwardly curl one hand around the gap between the chute and the cup, while the other hand smacks the bellows.
I've had a similar issue with grinding directly into a portafilter w/ funnel and the air pressure from the bellows causing grinds to fly out everywhere. To solve for this I have been removing the portafilter from the holder fork, and holding it a few inches below the fork, while pushing on the bellows a few times. This significantly reduces the amount of coffee grinds blown out of the portafilter, and has been working quite well lately, I still have some grinds blowing and end up vacuuming up the counter top once a week or so, not too bad.

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Thanks! I'll try that. Today I've been cupping my hand around teh mouth while holding a white washcloth. I'd recommend that for your technique, too: shows on the cloth how much grind is really escaping (since it's too little to weigh the difference for me).

Maybe someone will invent a grinder chute umbrella/dropcloth thingy -Introducing.. The Grinder Hankee! Custom embroidered, of course.


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First alignment test of my 2 week old df83 v2. I was told by the distributor they aligned it prior to retail (confirmed as there was a shim when I opened the top burr).

Indeed alignment seemed decent per the marker
test with most edges wiped. However I noticed significant "scratches" on areas where the entire flat surface of the burrs were wiped. I am assuming testing by the distributor was done by turning on the grinder not manually rotating the burrs.

Is this a major issue in terms of an accurate "true alignment" and burr longevity? I am still on the stock burrs but considering red speed HU. If this is a problem with the burr carrier that can't be fixed with shims, should I have the model replaced before upgrading burrs?

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It looks like the 83mm SSP Lab Sweet burrs are finally becoming available, excited to hear from anyone with their feedback once ready!!!


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Does anyone know if there is an aftermarket dial sticker available? Loving the grinder, but the dial is terrible.


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Got the df83 the other day as my first espresso grinder. By mistake I ran the motor without the spring while testing the alignment and got some loud grinding noises. I inspected the lower burrs and noticed small chips or dents in the middle part of the burr. I don't know if I rendered my burrs useless. I read some posts stating that the mid sections don't really matter, and the flats matter the most.


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Doesn't look dramatic, likely just fine (the chips might actually be manufacturing artifacts.

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@Blernsball Yes it would be great to have a more useful grind dial sticker! :idea: :roll: