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erik82 wrote:Very interested in why you need to play with the dose instead of just grinding finer? On the P64 there's still al lot or room left to grind finer and choke any machine with ease. If yours can't than that's definitely the alignment on the DF64V.
Yeah I'm not sure what's at cause here. I dont have a P64 or another 64mm grinder to compare so I don't want to speculate.

I did do an alignment test and got a full wipe every time. It's possible that the misalignment is on a different axis, or it could be that the thread pitch is smaller on the P64... Idk.

For reference, I had enough room to go finer on the 51mm IMS basket + paper filter on my La Pavoni Pro but would sometime struggle to grind fine enough on the Flair58+PCL-C HE basket especially with light roasts that were beyond 3-4 weeks post-roast date. Slow feeding was not an option.

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Yeah that's indeed the difference between a "cheap" and an expensive 64mm grinder. I can grind turkish with light roasts 6 weeks post roast and stil have lots of room left. Well this was to be expected but didn't see such a clear example earlier like yours. Thread size shouldn't matter in this case. It also shows that the marker test will never be a really good indicator of alignment.

Not saying that the DF64V is bad but a P64 is clearly better in every way.

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Hey guys, maybe I can find some help with my DF64v here.

I've had my Df64v since october last year and i've been super happy with. i'm using the stock DLC Burrs and I have the european version (G-iota VS with 220v). I use the grinder for both filter and espresso.

Sometimes I experience stalling when using lightly roasted beans on 600 rpm and therefore i really have to slow feed the beans.

about 2 weeks ago i was grinding for filter at 600rpm again and the motor stopped. at first I thought it was stalling again, but after going super course, the motor was still not turning back on again. after that i opened the grinder and cleaned it out to see if anything was stuck inside. but even after cleaning it was still not turning on. on the next day it was suddenly working again, but since then the grinder is acting a little weird.

i've noticed that my zero point shifted almost every time i was grinding beans and i always had to readjust the dial. after a few days it stopped shifting, but what is interesting now, is the fact that when i'm grinding for espresso I have to go way down to like 3 on the dial to get acceptable espresso within 20 seconds. usually i was at like 10-15 depending on the coffee, but if i do that now, the shot comes out within like 5 seconds and coffee is spraying everywhere.

i've already checked if all the screws are tight, but i'm not a pro. i've tried contacting the seller but so far i've got nothing back within 2 weeks.

does anybody know what's going on with my df64v?