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Makanmata wrote:The DF64V supposedly has a 300w rating, while my Mazzer Mini has only 250w rating, but the torque created by the DF64V makes it seem like a toy next to the power created by the superior motor of the Mazzer Mini.
Dude's got a gripe cause he purchased a preproduction unit that needs a new board. Bought from a foreign distributor, didn't read their return policies, refuses any kind of compensation or repair, and now bashes the grinder about twice a day. Credit card company already reimbursed him.

Just like assuming distributors will simply replace the boards on returned units and sell them as new...
C'mon. That's just piss and vinegar.

We don't know the DF64V gear ratio but we do know the motor is 300W brushless DC. Mazzer Mini is 250W DC. The rest is fake news.

Let's keep it real.
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As noted in the Guidelines for productive online discussion, complaints about customer service are potential lighting rods for heated debate. There's already 60+ responses in this thread and now it's looping on the six steps. So rather than watch it loop, I'm closing this thread.

Makanmata/Rob, if you have new information to provide related to this topic, contact me offline and I'll open it up. Thanks.
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