Turin DF64P - Upgraded and updated DF64

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I was poking around on Espresso Outlet and noticed a page for an upcoming variation (not a replacement) on the DF64 - https://www.espressooutlet.net/turin-df ... o-grinder/

It's more than just upgraded bits (wood trim, anti-popcorning, etc) being swapped in to the existing DF64, with the most notable change being that the upper carrier/burr is now stationary, with the lower burr moving up and down for grind adjustment. It's also no longer tilted.

Images via Espresso Outlet; Unfortunately, there are only partial shots - no full shot of the grinder

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That's interesting. I wonder, though, if it's really an upgraded DF64. The DF64, ZF64 and ZF64w grinders are made by FaiLai Electric Appliance company and sold throughout most of the world under various names, often with slightly different nomenclature. There's nothing on their Alibaba page about this new model. That makes me wonder if this is a totally different grinder, from a different company, that happens to have the same nomenclature.

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On the bottom of the Espresso Outlet page, is does say...
Other Names
This grinder will be sold in other countries with other names, such as Solo DF64P, G-iota DF64P and probably others.
If that's the case, I would have to assume that it's coming from the same manufacturing and distribution channels.
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This seems to have returned as the DF64E https://www.espressooutlet.net/turin-df ... ic-dosing/

Edit: not at all the same, sorry! Feel free to delete my comment

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I'm very curious to see if the DF64P has any advantages over the original. The adjustment is so very different. It seems the adjustment moves the bottom burr which would permit cleaning without losing grind setting. The DF64E is a nice looking alternative with a hopper and weighted doses.

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Here's the full picture. It looks much better than a standard DF64.

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The adjustment seems the weakest point, but it's just my own speculation.

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I'm concerned about the adjustment as well - it looks like there is a much smaller linear distance over which you can make the adjustment, which lowers the precision available for espresso (unless they do away with settings on the french roast end), and the grind adjustment lever just seems less robust than turning the upper burr carrier.
Last night I posted a question about these concerns on the DF64 Facebook group to Joe Kolb of Espresso Outlet, as well as emailing sales@espressooutlet.net but he hasn't responded. I saw that he posted something else in the group in the interim, so I can't tell if he's ignoring my question or if my question is lost in the noise.

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I believe that is the smaller adjustment range is because it is meant to be espresso focused, so doesn't extend as far up into filter range.