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Grinders are one of the keys to exceptional espresso. Discuss them here.

#21: Post by palica »

I guess some users received their DF64P/E by now. Any input? I have a DF64E that is supposed to deliver end of Nov/beg of December, and would like to have 1rst feedback from users. Thank you. :wink:


#22: Post by loscorrales replying to palica »

I own a DF64P and it's perfeft for espresso, retention is 0 with bellow


#23: Post by bored117 »

Tried and liked it with stock burr it came with vs df64. However it did choke on some finer ground with ssp high uniformity burr... (basically chute got clogged up) for some beans I like grinding extra fine. Back to regular df64 with moldded declumper and chute.
Other than that issue better for espresso than df64