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#21: Post by palica »

I guess some users received their DF64P/E by now. Any input? I have a DF64E that is supposed to deliver end of Nov/beg of December, and would like to have 1rst feedback from users. Thank you. :wink:


#22: Post by loscorrales replying to palica »

I own a DF64P and it's perfeft for espresso, retention is 0 with bellow


#23: Post by bored117 »

Tried and liked it with stock burr it came with vs df64. However it did choke on some finer ground with ssp high uniformity burr... (basically chute got clogged up) for some beans I like grinding extra fine. Back to regular df64 with moldded declumper and chute.
Other than that issue better for espresso than df64


#24: Post by Ben.Samways »

I have a DF64P with the upgraded titanium burrs installed at the factory. I bought it directly from the df64coffee website- watch out there are bunch rep'ing the exact same product. It came direct from China, packed well, pre-tested, with upgraded burrs precisely installed, no adjustment necessary.

The P model suits my espresso only addiction, it's precise enough to dial in. I have ground a bunch with it, all really consistent. I tend to be about 2/3rds course on the dial (it has numbers scale) with 21 grams in a 18 to 20 gram basket, hard tamp and pushing 10 to 11 bar, more often closer to 11 with a longer 30 second extraction. But I monkey with this all the time.

Given I'm single serving and grinding per serve, the single batch use of this grinder is fantastic. I don't use the hopper, and every grind use a micro scoop to load the precise amount of beans. Then pop on the bellows with it's wooden lid (straight on, no extension), hold the perspex receiver right under the shoot, grind, bellows pump the last little bit, check the consistency, pop the portfiller on top and flip over, and tamp etc. Zero mess, zero fuss.

The grind setting calibration is great, could easily get Turkish out of it, the clear receiver is see-through to check consistency, weights precisely 60 grams, fits on my portfiller and the bellows is genius and retention zero.

Looks great, fits under my cupboards on the countertop, sits stably, is not too loud, and have zero complaints. Flat burr absolutely way to go. This is serious value. Zero complaints.

Only improvement would be to put the on/off button on the front middle and center, not the current position of right side close to the front.